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February 13, 2014

READERS' FORUM: Feb. 14, 2014

The Tribune-Star

---- — Keep religion out of government

God came to Earth and walked among us in human flesh as His son, Jesus. Jesus was crucified, died, buried and rose again to serve as a final, lasting sacrifice for all of humankind, so that we could approach God without having to jump through a plethora of man-made hoops; Jesus’ death tore the veil; it was God’s calculated response, for all-time, to evil.

Prior to man taking hold of Christianity as a cover for his lust for power, fame and fortune, Disciples met within households to share this message of undying love. The Gnostic Gospels, also known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, were covered up and organized religion took hold. The Crusades waged on, then came the Church of England, then the French Revolution and the writings of Voltaire and others who spoke of freedom and limited government.

Finally, a group of people who desired to worship in their own way, without the government telling them how to do so, set sail for the New World, along with many others who were looking for freedom from an overbearing government.

These individuals created the representative republic that we now know as the United States of America.

One of the more important features of individual freedom and liberty of our government is the assurance that our government will not establish a state-mandated religion.

This means that we, in the United States of America, are able to worship or not worship whomever, whatever, and however we choose; it is up to us to cultivate our own relationship with the God we choose.

For these reasons, the over-reaching influence of the Christian right into our government, at all levels, is unconstitutional. I have no desire to live by Sharia Law and I have no desire to see my fellow Americans who do not believe the way I do be forced to live a certain way because lawmakers have allowed their lust for power, fame and fortune to override their responsibility to represent us all and give way to the overbearing control of organized religion.

Specifically, since the issues of gay marriage and abortion are such personal decisions, which are often made based upon individuals’ personal religious preferences; our government has no business crafting laws to restrict these two practices, except for coming to a consensus when a child is able to survive on its own, outside of the womb.

These two issues are extremely divisive to our country because they are so very personal. Our country has a plethora of problems to rectify, the least of which is our ballooning debt. Therefore, my fellow Americans and elected state and national representatives, please come to a medically supported consensus as to when a child can survive on its own, outside of the womb, and make that the final day a pregnant woman can obtain an abortion.

Also, I believe there is a way to give taxpayers the option of choosing if any of the taxes they pay can be used to support Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide abortions with taxpayer support.

End of discussion.

Move on to matters of governmental importance. The Rule of Law has no business exercising its influence on behalf of any religious entity, especially Christianity. Jesus came so we could be free from religious law and decide for ourselves how He wants us and needs us to live to complete His will.   

— Sue Ellen Keaton

Terre Haute