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January 15, 2014

READERS' FORUM: Jan. 16, 2014


---- — More important issues to deal with

Today’s world demands that every Hoosier, every lawmaker, law enforcer, school administrator and teacher, preacher, people from all walks of life and occupations look at themselves and ask how and if same-sex marriage personally and detrimentally affects their lives?

It is my understanding that same-sex marriage does not create wars. That same-sex marriage does not force others to change their morality nor does it force their morality on others. Same-sex marriage does not force others into same-sex marriage relationships, nor does it cause child or spousal abuse in our society. Same-sex marriage does not prevent nor force other people from believing in the Bible, the Quran or the Torah. Nor is their evidence that same-sex marriage causes churches, synagogues or mosques to be burned down or government buildings bombed. Same-sex marriage does not make people into murderers, thieves or drug addicts, nor does it create crime, or make people criminals.

Same-sex marriage does not create unemployment or cause businesses to close down. Nor is their indication that same-sex marriage makes for bad citizenship. And there is no indication that same-sex marriage causes or creates hatred or racism in society, or forces other people to change their own values, likes, dislikes or choices. Nor does it appear that same-sex marriage forces other people to change the way they raise their own children.

So, can anyone explain how same-sex marriage is supposed to destroy our society, or our religions or our government?

I question if same-sex marriage should even be considered a constitutional amendment issue. There are many other issues to deal with; such as bigotry, racism, war, unemployment, closed businesses, violent and white collar crime, drug addiction, bad political representation — to name some issues in our world and society that greatly need to be identified as issues that need to be resolved.

And just because a person or a society accepts same-sex marriage to be allowed to exist, does not necessarily make same-sex marriage right for oneself, as it is not right for me.

— Charles Bean

Terre Haute

Turn lane needs a longer light

Traffic moves pretty well in Terre Haute during rush hour except in one area. In the northbound lane of U.S. 41 there is a turn signal that feeds Lowe’s and Kmart.

This light lasts only about 30 seconds, just enough to let three cars make the turn.

Two will make the turn on the green but the third car is turning on the yellow.

There were recently seven cars in front of me waiting to turn into Lowe’s or Kmart. I sat through three light changes before I could make the turn into Lowe’s. I’m surprised that no one has complained about this before.

Then maybe they have, but no one took any action to correct the problem.

— Fred Roberts

Terre Haute