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December 10, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Dec. 10, 2012


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Great experience at Fowler Park

All of the fourth-grade students in the Vigo County School Corp. took part in the Pioneer Field Trip Experience at Fowler Park. The Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department provided a phenomenal educational opportunity for our students, helping them experience the life of a pioneer.

As a part of Indiana history, this field trip enriches the curriculum by allowing hands-on activities. Students, teachers, parents, and administrators always look forward to this field trip, and the knowledge they gain from their participation in this program.  

This valuable learning experience would not have taken place without the time and dedication of a number of individuals. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Keith Ruble, superintendent of the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department; and Kara Kish, assistant superintendent of the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department. The staff that also participated included Tony Coletti, Julie Farr, David Gray, Bob Merritt, Bud Montgomery, Jimmie Pierce and Henry Voges.

Additionally, the field trip would not have been possible without the volunteers who took an active role in this field trip for four days. As the students visited each cabin in the Pioneer Village, the volunteers played the part of a general store manager or a school marm.

Students also observed the volunteers quilting, cooking, or spinning/weaving clothing. The volunteers included Ruth Dalton, Jim Dunbar, Verna Gaskin, Hannah Gillin, Peggy Harlan, Crystal Hastings, Phyllis Lubbenhusen, Kacie Ruble, Susie Ruble, John Wade, Mary Wade, Kathy Waterman and Jessica Weust.

School marms included Sandy Billing, Nina Couch-Corenflos, Annette Engle, John Gettinger, Sharylin Knock and Lindsey Yeager.

I would also like to thank the employees of the Vigo County School Corp., all of our students, teachers, parents, administrators and a special thanks to Jenny Thomas and the Vigo County Education Foundation for the financial support.

— Holly Pies

Curriculum Coordinator

Vigo County School Corp

What will it take to silence Saul?

Can you imagine someone like Saul Rosenthal (Mickey Mouth) wanting to shut up Mitt and covering up on what Gov. Bobby Jindal said.

I would like to just once read the Tribune-Star without his garbage in it. You would think he owned the paper. What does it take to shut him up? He puts his foot in his mouth every Sunday.

— Elizabeth V. Banta

Terre Haute