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May 14, 2014

Readers’ Forum: May 15, 2014


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An arrogant view on informed voting

In his recent letter regarding low voter turnout, Ryan Humphrey offered a rather narrow and conservatively isolated attitude about reasons for low involvement. He suggested, the cornerstone of a free society is voting; and implied that those who vote with less knowledge and a reduced dedication compared with his are, or should be, unwelcome in the process. Wow! Such supercilious superiority.

Mr. Humphrey must look through a “contemporary lens” of cultural diversity and demographic evolution to bring his perspective into the 21st century. At the local and state level offices, many people do not vote because they are unenlightened of the process and the candidate benefits to them. Locally and statewide the tradition, history, personality and recent publicity associated with a candidate may even direct us to vote “against a candidate” by casting our vote for the opponent.

Older voters, Mr. Humphrey, identify with the candidates; as the candidates tend to be local residents associated with many demographic categories not associated with youth and inexperience. Give the younger people a slate of candidates with whom they identify, and perhaps (?) the turnout will increase.

A degree of arrogance and superiority can be interpreted from your suggestion that voters who need assistance getting to the polls or those not as “duty bound” as you should not be involved in the beloved “democratic process.” Further, you proffer an ill-conceived and somewhat fraudulent observation — that the votes cast by the uninformed counteract (cancel?) the votes cast by a like number of purposeful and serious voters. Can you share with the public your empirical and supportable data?

The way-of-life we label “democratic process” is illuminated by offering and encouraging the right of qualifying citizens to vote in free elections: of the people (comprised of citizens), by the people (election by citizens), and for the people (protect and serve the citizens). Perhaps you could invest your good mind to truly find “causes of and cures for” voter apathy. Intelligent input and debate is always preferable to antiquated and narrow-minded blame and dismissal.

 — James Camp

Terre Haute

To keep Rex here, support the team

I have thoroughly enjoyed  watching the Terre Haute Rex baseball games since the team was established several years ago. I’ve missed very few of their home games since the beginning and was somewhat distraught when the announcement was made to discontinue the team. So during the fall of 2013 , I wrote and submitted a letter to Tribune Star Editor stating the importance for the Terre Haute community to find a way to maintain the Rex team.

 I’m fairly sure that my opinion didn’t have much impact on the team being purchased, but I’m very thankful that we will continue to have Rex baseball in Terre Haute. Numerous people have told me how exciting it is that we will still have some wonderful entertainment each summer with first-class teams playing in a great venue. Now we, the Terre Haute community, must do our part to attend the games and support the team if we want this to be long term.  

 To the new Rex baseball team owners, I would like to say thank you very much for taking the plunge and making a large financial commitment to maintain the team. Also a big thank you to Indiana State University for the arrangement allowing the Rex to continue playing at the ISU baseball field.  

 Those of us in Terre Haute have a wonderful community and we are truly blessed to have several colleges who have various sports throughout the year.  However, in the summer when there are very few local sports to watch, come out and support the TERRE HAUTE REX!!!


 — Mack Adams

Terre Haute

Duke Foundation strong supporter

Gandhi stated, “We must become the change we want to see in the world.”

The Duke Energy Foundation, with the help of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, is truly making a difference in kids’ lives in the Wabash Valley. We are blessed to have Rick Burger in our community. Rick is truly a strong leader which is demonstrated through his involvement in our community and it is apparent by his words, actions and deeds.

I would like to thank Mr. Burger, as well as Dawn Horth from Duke Energy Foundation, for their unwavering support of Camp Invention at Indiana State University. The grant that was written by Beth Tevlin from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation and funded by the Duke Energy Foundation has touched many lives and has provided scholarships for children in grades one through six to have an opportunity to attend Camp Invention at Indiana State at a reduced rate.

As we prepare to begin another season of Camp Invention at Indiana State University, I would also like to thank Indiana State University, Indiana State Recycling Center staff, Bob Baesler, the Camp Invention staff, volunteers, the parents/guardians and past campers for all their support.

Kids can accomplish great things as they take an active, hands-on, minds-on role while incorporating science, technology, engineering and math to solve problems. It has been stated, “Your thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around you.”

Thanks again to everyone involved for painting a world that supports creativity and exploration for future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

— Tim Moss

Camp Invention Director

Terre Haute

Thanks to all who provided support

I am a member of the Terre Haute Women’s Club. This organization has been around since 1971 and provides shoes to needy children in all Vigo County schools.

As you might imagine, the need is great. What you might not realize is the sheer joy created when a child receives a new pair of shoes and, at least at that moment, all is right in the world. Last year we were able to help 1,200 Vigo County school children.

We are only able to carry out our mission because of the tremendous support we receive from this community. Time and time again, the people who live here step up and support local charities. On April 12, we were blessed once again with this support for our annual Art and Wine fundraiser — our only fundraiser. Thank you.

As chair of the Food Committee for this year’s Art and Wine event, I want to especially single out the incredibly generous donors of food. Without these donations, we could not succeed. We have strived to keep our ticket price low, and as a result, we rely heavily on food donations to keep our costs low. Once again, the support was overwhelming.

So, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the Terre Haute Women’s Club and the children we help, a huge thank you to the following donors:

Apple Club, Kleptz’s Restaurant, B & B Foods, Kroger East, Baesler’s Market, Kroger North, Becky’s Café, Kroger South, J. Ford’s Black Angus Restaurant, Locust Street IGA, Bob Evans Restaurant, Logan’s Ribeye, Buffalo Wild Wings, Maurizio’s Pizza, Cabot Creamery Cheeses, Mike’s Market, Charlie’s Pub & Grub, M. Moggers Restaurant & Pub, Country Club of Terre Haute, Panera Bread, Dawg Leg at Idle Creek, Pat’s Cafe, Eckrich, Piloni’s Italian Restaurant, Flowers Bakery, Prairie Farms, Fox Catering, Rick’s Smokehouse, George’s Café, Sam’s Wholesale Club, Gerhardt’s Bierstube, Sonka Irish Pub, GFS Marketplace, Terminal Sports and Spirits, Grand Traverse Pie Co., TGI Fridays, IHOP, Wal-Mart East, J Gumbos, Wal-Mart South, JB Cakes and Youngstown Grill.

— Tammy L. Roach

Terre Haute Women’s Club

Terre Haute