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February 1, 2013

READERS’ FORUM:Feb. 1, 2013


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Training fine, but when in a pinch …

In an opinion piece by Richard G. Kennel printed on Jan. 25, he stated that a man or woman not well-trained in the use of firearms would likely do more harm than good. His thoughts were in response to a new NRA slogan that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun. He also cited a couple examples of trained individuals that made a difference, and he went on to say he didn’t have a problem with the citizenry packing as long as they’re trained, and he also gave stipulations on the training, and that some were or could be “woefully ineffective and even dangerous.”

I agree with Richard in one sense that trained would be better than not. If I had a certain problem in a certain area, would a trained proctologist be better than one of my pals that was good at plumbing? Without equivocation. But let me start that again, however. If Richard or I dropped due to a coronary problem in public, he would prefer a “trained” individual save him lest he be damaged further from a broken rib that could possibly puncture his lung or damage some other vital in his innards. While he or like-minded individuals wait dying, I’d prefer somebody just give it a shot (play on words intended).

Statistics bear out that in certain states, just the notion that he or she could be packing is and remains quite the deterrent. Be advised, if a perp or a poor misguided soul who needs treatment or a hug is intending to do me or mine harm, and I can’t get to mine, or whoever you might be, break it out, aim for center mass and get with it.

— Todd Umphries

West Terre Haute

A glimpse into a desolate future

I have seen the possible future of our country. While traveling in a troop convoy from Yokohama through Tokyo and as part of the occupation of Japan, I saw the horrors of war firsthand. In the area we went through, downtown Tokyo was not too bad.

Although there was some bomb damage, most of the buildings were still standing. In the suburbs, the only clear area was the road on which we were traveling. For miles and miles on each side of the road, there were nothing but mountains of rubble. No animals, no people, just quiet desolation. Sometime later I was given a temporary assignment to a hotel in Tokyo. The hotel itself had minor damage.

However, looking east, and as far as the eyes could see, there was nothing but chimneys. The houses themselves had been completely destroyed. Now I am not talking about pictures, I am talking about what I saw.

To me, it seems that the present administration is trying to destroy the economy, eliminate nuclear deterrence, gut the military and disarm the citizens. When America gets weak enough, the bombs will fall. I have seen first hand what happens when the military is unable to defend their country.

— Sam Wallace

Casey,  Ill.