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January 16, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Jan. 16, 2013


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The answer may lie in churches

I’ve been reading opinions from both sides about this sad controversy over recent mass killings. New, stricter gun laws? One reader implied if stricter gun laws saved even one life it would be worth it. Really? Even one life is too many.

So, after new laws are passed (and they probably will be), should you sit back watching the next drama unfold and do the math (type of weapon versus kill ratio) and lean back in your chair and feel good about yourself? Could have been worse, right? Is that what you tell the loved ones of the victims? Hey, look on the bright side, if it weren’t for stricter gun laws it could have been worse?

Out of all the opinions I’ve read, Reggie McConnell got it right (Dec. 31, 2012, “Problem is with culture, not guns”). A must read.

The problem is not the gun or any other weapon one might choose to use. The problem is the society we currently live in. We’ve gone from an independent society to everyone now believing they are entitled as Americans — government can and should take care of them no matter what. And it’s getting worse. The decay of societal morals is prophetic, humankind seems to live in the moment. No civilization or form of government has ever withstood the test of time. Anyone who believes we have risen above that is naive.

Our government is running out of money. We now need to raise the national debt limit again, yet there is no way we can repay our current debt. Thousands of high school and college graduates enter the job market every year yet thousands of qualified workers can’t find jobs. And the government is going to fix this?

Sure, let’s pass a few more gun laws. Sure, let’s raise our national debt limit so the government can “fix” everything.

I sit on pins and needles waiting for anyone — conservative, liberal or otherwise — to come up with a fix for the root of the problem, the downward spiral of our societal morals. The only answer I come up with is remember 9/11? After the attack, church attendance was at an all-time high. Think about it.

— Stanley R. Hamm Sr.

Terre Haute

A surprising gift for Christmas

I want to tell you about a good Samaritan I ran into. While I was waiting to check out at Walmart on Dec. 18, I started to talk to the lady behind me. Just general chitchat.

When I was ready to leave, she took hold of my hand and gave me $35. At first, I couldn’t believe it, as I didn’t know her. She said, “Have a Merry Christmas, on me.” I thanked her and started to cry.

She told me her name, and I gave her mine. However, don’t put hers in the paper, as she may not want this gesture known.

Now, I believe in “Santa’s Helpers.” I hope she has a happy, prosperous New Year.

— Betty Luken

Terre Haute