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March 15, 2013

READERS' FORUM: March 15, 2013


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ISU coach provided great experience for kid

I would like to share a story about Coach Greg Lansing, all the assistant basketball coaches, and the Sycamore players. I sent Coach Lansing an email explaining that my great nephew, Riley Walker, is a big basketball fan. He likes Coach Lansing and the Sycamores.

Riley is 12 years old and was born with clubfeet. At age 10, Riley had his left leg amputated just below the knee. This past fall he played football and has played in two basketball leagues this winter. His will play baseball this spring.

I told Coach Lansing that I was bringing Riley to the Drake game and would it be possible for him to meet Riley. Coach Lansing arranged it so that Riley could do this. We watched the walk-through practice that day and also got to see the locker room. All of the assistant coaches introduced themselves to us. Coach Lansing introduced Riley to the players and every player shook Riley’s hand. Our seats were eight rows behind the ISU bench. Before the game, a manager came to our seats and gave Riley a white Indiana State basketball polo shirt.

I would publicly like to thank Coach Lansing for doing all this for Riley. Indiana State is lucky to have such a caring and compassionate coach and staff. The Sycamore players were so nice to Riley. This is an experience this little kid will never forget.

— Gary Snider

ISU grad


Big Ag needs more oversight, not less

This is an open letter to Hoosier citizens about current “right to farm/anti-whistleblower” Bills before the Indiana General Assembly. They need public and media attention.

They are an attempt to complete a state government and corporate takeover of Hoosier agricultural production, especially the already industrially controlled standard of care for farmed animals.

These bills are not just about animal welfare and animal rights or environmental concerns. They prohibit consumers from public participation in determining how we treat the land, the animals and the food we eat.  

Right to Farm HJR 5/SJR21 proposes to amend the State Constitution to elevate corporate agriculture’s right to continue destructive “common farming practices” to fundamental, inalienable right status.

 HJR5/SJR21 makes it illegal for any county to ban construction of new confined animal feeding operations. SB571 makes it illegal for Counties to regulate existing CAFOS.

HB1582 limits “nuisance lawsuits” exempting liability if “economic viability” is threatened.  

SB391 calls for a registry of “crimes against agriculture.”

SB373 (sister/HB1562), criminalizing photographing/videotaping of activity in industrial operations, is a blatant attempt to avoid exposure of the brutality of factory farming by criminalizing free speech/press.  

The complexity of these initiatives/legislative procedures, smokescreen awareness that our leaders are making decisions that threaten not only the freedom of press/speech but property rights, earth/animal welfare, quality of food.  

Only corporate profit is protected.

Please become informed. Big Ag needs more, not less, vigilance.  

Urge your legislator to reject these bills.

Review of these bills can be found at www.indianacafowatch

.com, or contact Hoosiers4Humane

Animal Agriculture at

— Marian Patience Harvey

RN/health educator