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May 17, 2014

Readers’ Forum: May 18, 2014

Fact: Tea party and GOP bad for our country

There seems to be a lot of gray area when it comes to what is an attack letter and what is stating documented facts. But, moreover, it comes down to who is deciding which category an article belongs in. A perfect example of the above is an article on April 24, 2014, in the Tribune-Star by Howard Pennell. Howard’s long-standing attitude/viewpoint is typical with the GOP as a whole.

When he and others don’t like what I, Shirley Thomas, Clay Wilkinson and others write, reminding or advising the readers of the actions, past and present, of the tea party-controlled GOP, then we’re bashing. Their response is to reply with derogatory remarks in the Tribune-Star. Howard has even sent letters to my home displaying his contempt for my articles.

Howard continues to espouse that the tea party is a grassroots group that was formed to rein in spending and lower the deficit, etc. Here are some questions I’d like to have some answers to. Where was the tea party when George Bush squandered about a $5.6 trillion surplus and still ran about a $5.7 trillion deficit? Where were the protests and anger-filled rallies about two wars (one unnecessary), prescription drugs (Medicare Part D) and tax cuts for the wealthy, all unpaid for?

Does Howard want us to believe that grassroots organizations are going to contribute the mega millions that are going to be spent to elect tea party candidates in upcoming elections? Were the grassroots organizations able to raise the millions it took to buy the GOP Congress and dictate their obstruction agenda?

The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other millionaires/billionaires own and are the tea party. The grassroots groups identify with them and approve what they do. That’s not bashing. That’s the facts.

Let the attacks on me begin.

— Ron Hastings, Clinton

Street addresses needed for events

Has anyone else noticed special events and meeting locations are announced by names of buildings or organizations, parks, etc. instead of by a street address? The event may be in a building on ISU campus, but without a street address how will I find it?

I guess I should get a map of ISU. Where? Not only am I home alone, but I’m lost in my own hometown. There are many new buildings and new locations. Event announcements without a street address are frustrating and limiting. I hope newspapers, television stations, organizations, etc., all hear this message. I can’t show up for your event if I only have the name of a building or an organization. I need a street address, please.

Not everyone is familiar with where the buildings are located. Often visitors in town want to attend an event, play, etc., but need a street address. Not the name of a building, a park, an organization, a street without a number. A recent event was published with the location: Maple Avenue Nature Park. It’s new. Wouldn’t it be helpful to give a street address?

Other vague addresses often used are the Fair Grounds, Fairbanks Park and Clabber Girl Event Center. (Although Clabber Girl is better at giving exact location in addition to its name.)  ISU often names a building as a location. I may recognize that it’s on campus, but visitors or strangers might wonder which university? Terre Haute does have more than one.

I’m not the only one who has this problem. I’ve talked to college students and mentioned Deming Park and Fairbanks Park and they have no clue where they are located. There are many new venues on Wabash Avenue (i.e. the little stage in front of the parking garage). When things are planned there, would it be too difficult to mention it’s at 61⁄2 and Wabash? Or the Vigo County School admin parking lot (would it be too hard to mention it’s at 7th and Wabash)?

By the way, just where is University Hall, anyway? Thanks, Trib, for giving a place to vent frustrations and receive information.

— Pat Creasey, Terre Haute

Islamists rising while we sleep

Recently, Brandeis University succumbed to demands by  Islamists and canceled the invitation it had extended to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary doctorate at the Brandeis commencement ceremony. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born into a Muslim family in Somalia and has been a vocal critic of the treatment of women in Islam.  

Col. Allen West, a former Republican congressman from Florida, in a recent posting on his blog, has warned of the rise of Islamists in America, as Americans sleep, like what happened to Europe which is now too late to rectify. In that posting he longs for leaders like former American presidents Jefferson, Adams and more recently the invincible Ronald Reagan.

In his book, “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World,” Gregory M. Davis describes the experiences of Jefferson and Adams. Davis writes:

“Americans, too, have proved more clear-headed in times past, even while the danger then was more irritating than acute. In 1786, the future American presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson reported on the ongoing threat of piracy to American shipping in the Mediterranean from the Muslim Barbary States of North Africa.

“‘We took the liberty to make some inquiries concerning the Grounds of their pretensions to make war upon a Nation who had done them no injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our Friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation. The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.’

“It is surely ironic that America’s statesmen of today have shown themselves so unwilling to take a page from two of their most illustrious predecessors.”

Presidents Jefferson and Adams built the U.S. Navy and used it effectively to end the threat of piracy to American shipping from the Muslim Barbary States of  North Africa.

— Karanam S. Rao, Terre Haute

Habitat grateful for event support

Habitat for Humanity of Clay County wishes to sincerely thank all who organized, sold tickets, gave publicity, attended, donated items, made purchases and worked at our April 12 Jonah Fish Fry & Silent Auction. The outstanding support of our community makes our mission to build affordable homes with partner Clay County families possible.

We appreciate the area churches, The Brazil Times, Clay City News, and Tribune-Star for sharing information about our event. Many businesses posted our flyers. Riddell National Bank and First Financial Bank put the event on their signs.

Peniel Church kindly shared tables, and Bowling Green United Methodist Church kindly shared their trays. First Financial Bank and Riddell National Bank donated table covers, cups and napkins. Political candidates helped serve and clean up. Area churches generously donated delicious desserts. Jack’s Fine Foods donated the wonderful tossed salads. We’re grateful to all who contributed to our success.

Businesses near and far generously donated items or services to be auctioned to the highest bidder. Local individuals who made donations were Clifford Robbison, Mark Cooper, Fleta Vaness, Maria Schopmeyer, Linda Schiele, Helen Hoffa, Janice Bedwell, Rogene Morge, Janice Redenbarger, Lynsey Morge, Loretta Young, Cheryl Steuerwald and Keith Bowers.

Area businesses who made donations for the auction included: Olde Homestead Shoppe, Harmony Diner, Sugar & Spice, Cutting Edge Salon, A Cut Above, Fun Time Fitness & Aquatics, Oak Ridge Golf Course, Forest Park Golf Course, YMCA, Brazilian Lanes, York Chevrolet & Buick, Car Quest, NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, Bob Bowen Ford, Cooper’s Forge, Warren Tire, Bob Burkle Ford, Papa John’s Pizza, Hardees, Brazil Coffee Grounds, Little Caesars, Subway, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kroger, Lynn’s, Dairy Queen, Maurizio’s, Long John Silver, Joe’s Garage BBQ, 3rd Generation Bar & Grill, McDonald’s, Fiesta Hair Salon, US Nails, Hair Inc., Hair Productions, Mane Attraction, Shear Image, Luxury Nails, “I Do” Rentals, Whip Stitch Alterations, Old Time Jewelry, Radio Shack, Catos, Family Video, Curves, TL Photography, Family Fudge Company, Natalie Swearingen (South Hills Design Jewlery), Cathy Frakes (Silpada Jewlery) and Mary Kay.

Universities gave their support with donations from ISU Foundation, Purdue Football, Rose-Hulman, ISU and IU Football. Donations were received from French Lick Resort, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Six Flags Over St. Louis, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Terre Haute Rex, Cincinnati Reds, Kings Island, Indianapolis Fever, Pacers, Colts, Steve Weatherford of the New York Giants, Indianapolis Symphony, Terre Haute Children’s Museum and St. Louis Cardinals.

Habitat is pleased to be dedicating our eighth house located at 703 S. Chicago Ave. in Brazil in June. We are truly blessed by the continuing support from our community. Together we are putting “faith into action” by building homes and changing lives one family at a time.

— Cheryl Steuerwald, Publicity Committee, Habitat for Humanity of Clay County

Litany of ‘facts’ about Obama

My letters to the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, Readers’ Forum and or Opinions, always start with my knowledge and acceptance that I am going to most likely be laughed at, ridiculed, shunned, or perhaps even applauded. Most often applauded. Thank God for the many American patriots standing vigil against our under-informed/misinformed liberal friends.

I had not planned submitting any new letters at this time, until a Mr. Camp wrote a letter raking me over the coals, attempting to defend Shirley Thomas. I admire his effort. However, his letter is like “the Pot calling the kettle black,” because he then proceeded to go off the reservation on me.

I have read, or I should say I have tried to read, some of his rhetoric and I can never quite understand what he is trying to say. I would suggest that he spend more effort on his subject matter and less time looking in the dictionary for unfamiliar or unusual words trying to impress the reader.

Mr. Camp states that I am ignorant of facts. Here are a few facts:

Barack Hussein Obama, our counterfeit president, is a liar. He lied about the transparency that he was going to put into government. He lied about how we were going to have several days to review any new legislation and make comments before it was voted on. He lied when he said, “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” (He also favors abortions at taxpayers’ expense.) He lied when he said that there would be no earmarks in the $787 billion Stimulus. He lied when he stated, “I will restore trust in government.” He lied when he said that he knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gun-running to Mexican drug cartels. (Give me a break.)

He lied when he stated that he knew nothing about the happenings in Benghazi. He lied about not spying on American citizens. He lied about not knowing that Jeremiah Wright was radical. (Please.) When he said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” he lied. The biggest lie I think, is when he said: “I, Barack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” Wow, if I continue I will use up my 700-word limit.

Mr. Camp states that he does not judge me. That is not how I read his letter. Mr. Camp also states that I am not able to change my opinion if shown the real facts. That is not true. I am pushing 77 years of age, married 54 years, raised three children, helped raise several grandchildren, and worked a variety of jobs, some with state and one for the federal government. I’ve been shot, run over and left for dead and I have changed my opinions many times after learning the real facts.

While I do have respect for those who take the time to write or to comment on articles, when reading the left-wing, socialist-adoring drivel, always in praise of our would-be dictator, I may have a tendency to go a bit overboard. Guilty as charged.

In my opinion, our president is pursuing a socialist government, a “One World Order,” with himself as one of the supreme rulers. To get this done he must first do away with the First and Second Amendment, because We the People will not stand still without a fight while our freedoms, liberties and the pursuit of happiness are all taken away by a self-centered, arrogant social elitist.

Thomas Sowell wrote, “I think this man (Obama) really does believe he can change the world, and people like that are infinitely more dangerous than mere cooked politicians.”

— William P. Thiel, Terre Haute

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    I was an elementary school kid growing up in Vigo County when Neil Armstrong put the first footprint on the moon on July 20, 1969. So much seemed possible

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  • EDITORIAL: Vigo Jail study essential to determine strategy

    It comes as encouraging news that the Vigo County Council might include in its 2015 budget significant funding for an expert and neutral study of what can be done to replace or enhance the existing county jail.

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    More than 60,000 unaccompanied alien children — mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — have been apprehended on America’s southern border during this fiscal year.

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  • RONN MOTT: World Cup over, but it was fun

    After many weeks and many games, the World Cup is over. While the world calls it “futbol,” only we in North America play another brand of football. It is very simple to understand why this is the world’s favorite game … all it takes is an empty lot, a round soccer ball, and you can get a futbol game together.

    July 18, 2014

  • FLASHPOINT: Living in peaceful communities requires collaboration

    Hoosiers have the right to live in peace. Yet, too many of our friends and neighbors are currently living in fear.

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    This is written in response to recent remarks made by State Board of Education members.

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    No wild-west ambush, either real or fiction, has been as successful as the ambush on President Barack Obama.

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  • FLAHSPOINT: Supt. Glenda Ritz ‘creating conflict’

    It has been my pleasure for the past year to serve as the newest member of the Indiana State Board of Education. I bring a fresh perspective to the board as an attorney and business executive who served as Director of Economic Development under former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson and President of the Indy Partnership, a regional economic development organization charged with recruiting new companies to our state.

    July 16, 2014

  • tstribunestar Editorial: Continuing the standard

    U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett has raised the profile of his federally appointed position more than any individual to hold the job in decades. From the start, he was a man on a mission, and often that mission was focused on rooting out corruption, maintaining integrity in government and pursuing those who violated the public trust.

    July 15, 2014 1 Photo

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    • The truth about property taxes

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  • Letter from BOE member: Superintendent Ritz ‘creating conflict’

    It has been my pleasure for the past year to serve as the newest member of the Indiana State Board of Education. I bring a fresh perspective to the board as an attorney and business executive who served as Director of Economic Development under former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson and President of the Indy Partnership, a regional economic development organization charged with recruiting new companies to our state.

    July 15, 2014

  • RONN MOTT: Collett Park

    Saturday at the Park, Collett Park, another beautiful wedding was held. They looked so nice in the warm weather with the Gazebo acting as church sanctuary, I would almost be tempted myself to do it again, and do it outdoors at the Park. No, no, no, not again, even as pretty as it is in the Park on a nice July Saturday.

    July 15, 2014

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    • Are Fed policies hurting America?

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    In my thankful moments, I’m glad I was not my grandmother’s daughter. I would miss the modern conveniences.

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  • EDITORIAL: Legal marriages should be honored

    An eager and probably nervous couple stands before a minister or a judge or a county clerk and exchanges vows, accepting the legal, moral and ethical obligations of a marriage.

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