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May 13, 2014

Readers’ Forum: May 14, 2014


TERRE HAUTE — Better signage needed on Ohio

Recently I observed an accident at the intersection of Fifth and Ohio Streets, the cause of which appeared to be a vehicle attempting to turn west onto Ohio Street, a one-way street gong east.

For a number of years while employed by a nearby law firm, I observed many near collisions at the corner of Seventh and Ohio Streets as drivers attempted to turn westbound. A few hapless drivers were able to proceed at least a hundred feet or so to the west before encountering eastbound traffic and the honking, yelling and gesturing which snared their attention.

The majority of times this occurred with out-of-town drivers, but not always; anyone can become distracted or disoriented while driving and lose their sense of direction. The cause of the incidents appears to be the lack of one-way signage indicating eastbound only traffic on Ohio Street.

That is not to say there is not a one-way sign in place, but it is on the east side of Seventh Street and easily viewed by drivers who are already prepared to turn east; not easily visible for those attempting to turn west.

I called the street department several times a few years ago, but gave up doing so when no action was taken. Considering the fact that Terre Haute is home to three major colleges/universities, itself leading to the presence of out-of-town/state drivers, especially when parents attend functions in Terre Haute and are unfamiliar with the placement of one-way streets, and the fact that Terre Haute has attractions such as the race track, Special Olympics and other events which draw nonresidents, I would think we would strive to make this a driver-friendly city enhancing the visitors’ experiences.

This is my final attempt to encourage the Street Department to take action and help unwary drivers avoid accidents, injuries and even death.

— Judith Buckingham

Terre Haute

A campus ritual on graduation day

We are again at that annual time for the debate concerning the proper speakers assigned to college graduation events. The discussion this year seems to be a bit more provocative than the past, most obvious on the “liberal arts” campuses. In one very visual case a decorated educator and ex-government official withdrew after a wild demonstration by approximately 50 to 75 students hurling venomous remarks. Their actions demonstrated beautifully their desire to debate and observe their opponents’ position on various items. You could get a real belly laugh when comparing the demonstrators mental capacity with that of the invited speaker.  

The video report gave no indication the demonstrators were actually in the graduating group. A close observation would indicate they did not have the mental capacity to protest without direction of some radical instruction.

This venomous type of activity diminishes the value of a very expensive education to the point that requires consideration of sending your student to an institution which is directed toward the desired area of endeavor without sitting through all the politically correct philosophy classes, usually disguised as “life science” classes. Campus life in itself is an education without classroom indoctrination.

— Bill Jaeger

Terre Haute