News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 15, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Jan. 15, 2013


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Help save Tilford’s 12 Points store

Jay Jones runs and owns Tilford’s five and ten store. It’s located at 1279 Lafayette Ave. in Twelve Points. It’s located in one of Terre Haute’s first suburban shopping districts. Tilford’s is in the former Twelve Points hotel building.

Jay had tried to carry on the tradition of “Tilford’s five and dime store,” and help preserve several historic buildings in Twelve Points.

He’s put 14 years of passion, money and time into trying to preserve Twelve Points history.

He is having to liquidate his store for lack of business.

Please go shop at Tilford’s and chat with Jay before it’s too late.

His store is sheer joy and amazement as soon as you walk in. It’s so much fun just to tromp around on 100-year-old original wooden floors and looking up to the “almost in the sky feeling” ceilings. The old classic candy and toys, and lots of things you can find in a true 5&10 store.

Please show your support and help save Tilford’s, before it’s another empty building and gone forever.

Kudos to Jay Jones for caring so much about Twelve Points’ historical significance.

— Paula Koester

Terre Haute

Christmas cheer for CASA Kids


Thanks to donations and support from the community, CASA Kids was able to hold our annual CASA Kids Christmas party for children currently served by the CASA program. The children and their families enjoyed several activities and crafts. A home-cooked Christmas dinner complete with ham and all the trimmings was served. The Crowe Committee provided live music but the big event of the evening was Santa, who gave each child a present.

We are very thankful that all the names on the CASA Kids angel tree were chosen and each child received a gift. Thank you for making the season a little brighter for children in foster care.

The Vigo County CASA/CASA Kids programs would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their contribution of time, money, and goods:

Barb Alcock, Kathy Alexander, Norma Almazan, Amy Black, Joan Bonner, Carolyn Bowers, Ann Brooks, Violet Brown, Rachel Carl, Jerome Cheatham, Susan Clarke, Pam Corbin, Ernestene Crawford, Pam Curts, June Edington, Dave Elkins, Jean Flak, William Foraker Jr., Brigitte Gardner, Dan and Bethany Gisel, Kathy Gosnell-Seiler, Elishia Griffith, Kathy Helton, Bev Higham, Catha McCarty, Gary Memering, Deb Mitchell, Sharen Moseman, Kathy Myers, Penny O’Brien, Frances Overton, Jennifer Parker, Teri Parsons, Debbie Pepelea, Tammy Pogue, Kevin Sherrill, Jim Shorter, Tim Skinner, Carol Slaby, Rita Spittler, Sarah Strobel, Martha Taha, Ellen Urbanski, Keith Wenzel, Lori Wenzel, Patty Whitman, Sandy Wickware, Baillie Wilson (Girl Scout Troop 1479), Charla Wolverton and Kate Yegerlehner.

Also to Advantage Plus Federal Credit Union, Almost Free Package Liquors, Covered Bridge Girl Scouts, The Crowe Committee, Delta Theta Tau Sorority, employees of First Financial Corp, GE Aviation, ISU Controller’s Office, Maryland Community Church, TBM Building Services, VCSC Administration office, Walgreens, and Wendy’s Restaurant.

We apologize if anyone has been inadvertently left off of our list.  

— Nikki Fuhrmeister, director

Vigo County


Still unhappy with country’s direction

Thank you, letter writer Mike Davis, for being concerned about my health and well-being. I tried some sugar-free chocolate (I am diabetic, you see). It tasted very good. You know, it didn’t make things look any different. I have a difficult time accepting our country’s new direction orchestrated by Mr. Obama.

By the way, did you see that Al Gore (another liberal Democrat) has sold his news network “Current” to Al-Jazeera (Arab news channel)? Time Warner Cable Inc. has dropped “Current” from its lineup. Hopefully others will follow suit.

I am going to get another piece of chocolate. Have a nice day, Mike.

— Joe DeLorme

Clay City