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April 15, 2013

Readers’ Forum: April 15, 2013


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Nothing innocent about gun checks

While the notion of background checks for gun purchases seems innocent enough, if my understanding of the current proposed law in the Senate is correct, there is a huge and dangerous difference between the proposal and current law.

Under current law, most background checks are made through a NICS data base which requires “all identifying information on allowed (gun) transfers to be destroyed by the next operational day.” Thus, there currently is no ongoing federal registry of who may own firearms.

As was the case for Affordable Care, finding specifics on the proposed legislation has been difficult, so let me know if I am incorrect: what I have read suggests the proposed law will not only require background checks, but these new data will be retained, not destroyed immediately.

While there are lots of reasons to own firearms, the framers of the Constitution wanted gun ownership primarily as a safeguard against tyrannical governments. It should be obvious that retention of gun ownership records effectively eliminates that safeguard.

— Ron Gore


Knowledge key in knowing Islam

Dr. Arthur Feinsod, professor of theater at ISU, unfortunately exposed his total lack of any knowledge about religion in his letter published on April 7.

Religions were created by our ancestors, but the followers of the individual religion never stopped killing the others to maintain the superiority of their own brand of religion. More people have been killed in the name of religions than what the barbarians killed.

But Islam is the only religion that claims that their God Allah is the only God and does not tolerate the existence of other religions. According to the Koran, the non-believers belong to hell and every Muslim is bound to go on a Jihad to convert the non-believers and on refusal to kill them to turn the whole world into Allah’s kingdom.

Since the beginning, the Muslims never stopped killing the non-Muslims. Telling the truth is not hate. If in doubt, read the Koran to see how tolerant it is to the non-believers. I came to the USA in 1961 and received only love and kindness from the Jews and Christians of America, but we were driven out of our home in East Bengal of India after that area became Muslim East Pakistan in 1947.

And in 1971, during the freedom fight for Bangladesh, the West Pakistani Muslims killed 800,000 Hindus simply because they were Hindus. The Muslims today are killing the Christians of Nigeria and of Egypt and are destroying their churches.

By the Islamic doctrine every Muslim considers Arabia his home and hates his place of birth. Dr. Feinsod is in a fantasy world in believing that any American Muslim can love America and live peacefully like us all. But in truth every Muslim in the USA belongs to the nation of Islam ruled by Sharia and cannot accept democracy and the culture of freedom we enjoy.

Professor Abhyankar had no hate for Islam but just told the truth to warn the Americans like Dr. Feinsod, as the Muslims have declared that soon the Muslim flag will be flying over the White House.

Since apparently Dr. Feinsod has no knowledge of history, I would request him to read the history of Islam. He should know that he cannot go to Saudi Arabia with his Bible or show any cross while there. He would be kicked out of Saudi Arabia if he tries to talk about Lord Jesus or Christianity. He should be in any Muslim country to know how much love he can get from the Muslims.

Growing up with the Muslims, I know the Muslims too well. And being in the USA, I also know how good and loving the American Christians and Jews are.

— Anil K. Sarkar, M.D.

Terre Haute