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September 10, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Sept. 10, 2012


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Commissioners prove the need for new blood, fresh perspective

I was disappointed that Caleb Fleschner, a candidate for Vigo County commissioner, was denied the right to march in the Labor Day Parade.

I do not know Mr. Fleschner, but I admire his enthusiasm and determination not to let some union thuggery prevent him from pursuing his goal and plans to march in the ISU parade. This is the type of individual we need on the commission. Some have been there too long and have become entombed and need to be exhumed. We need new blood to breath new life into the commission.

A case in point. Several years ago heavy rains caused Sugar Creek to overflow and flood many homes in the Toad Hop community. Our church organized some volunteers to clean out and refinish a couple homes. While there we noticed a lot of residue and trash from the flood still in the streets and front yards. I met with a commissioner and offered to get some volunteers to help clean up the debris if the county would provide some dump trucks to haul it to the land fill. She said she would look into it.

By June I had not heard anything from her, so I visited her again. She didn’t seem to remember my initial request so I told her again of the need in Toad Hop.

By July I still had not received any answer and visited her again. She said she didn’t know when any trucks would be available and suggested that we get a burn permit from Pollution Control and burn the brush then bag up the rest and the trucks would pick up the bags later.

Have you ever tried to bag a mattresses and springs or tires and cement blocks?

The cleanup in Toad Hop was finally accomplished by the generosity of the Street Department of West Terre Haute, even though it was not its responsibility. They provided a dump truck and end-loader and removed two truck loads of trash. They accomplished in 24 hours what the county commissioners could not accomplish in four months.

I think the voters in Vigo County should give Mr. Fleschner a chance to prove himself. He certainly could not do worse.

As I think about it, perhaps some entombed union officials should also be exhumed.

— Carl Hooley

Terre Haute

Grove sponsored successful fest

Farrington Fest, hosted by Farrington Grove Historical District members, was held on Vigo County Historical Society’s lawn on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012.

Chairman Marty Woods did an outstanding job to put this all together. There were the popular bounce houses and games for the kids, plus ice cream and soda drinks for all. Several booths offering arts and crafts of resident volunteers for viewing or purchasing were on display; including works by Marie Pontius, Heidi Carrithers, Emma Tohill and Laura Tohill.

Farrington’s booth offered such things as FG books by Donna Christenberry for sale; and orders for the 2013 picture calendars; as well as FG T-shirts donated by Mark Fredericks. Sign-up sheets for the Holiday Home Tour and memberships also were available.

Barbara Carney, curator of the museum, opened the museum doors during the fest. Music was provided by Louis Popejoy and some of his pupils, one of which was Donna Christenberry’s son, Daniel Christenberry.

Thanks go to our sponsors, THSB, Baesler’s Market, Bob and Casey Baesler, Clabber Girl, Maria Flowers, and the Vigo County Historical Society for the use of its lawn and electricity. A special thanks goes to Club Soda Service Volunteers who were invaluable by providing a van and manpower to set up tents and tables, as well as taking them down.

FG members helping were Rod and Jackie Bradfield; Tom and Anne Burkett with their daughter, Martha Lorenzano; Steve and Marie Pontius; Donna Christenberry; Dedee and Greg Johnston; Annette Engle; Marty Woods; Judy Lowe; Cyndee Jenkins; Jacob Hellman; and Dan and Kaylynn Sanders.

A great job, Marty. It takes a neighborhood and a community. Thanks to all.

— Anne Burkett

Terre Haute