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September 8, 2012

READERS” FORUM: Sept. 8, 2012


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Guns not the answer to bad government

In a recent Sunday edition is a letter from a gun owner suggesting that our forefathers put in the Second Amendment to allow individuals to always have gun ownership so that they would be protected from an unjust government. Then he went on to use the old example of Hitler taking away the citizens’ rights to own guns and this caused his rise to power and takeover of the German people.

What an awful fairy tale. As I have said many times before, individuals can have all the guns they want but they do not need semiautomatic assault weapons. Individuals don’t need clips that hold over 100 bullets. If you are so worried about the course our government is taking, then go to the polls and vote come November. Maintaining a personal arsenal won’t keep you safe.

The writer also suggested that I am a liberal. He apparently doesn’t read the Tribune-Star often as I have stated this so many times that even strangers know what I believe in. I stand by my convictions and I am convinced that ownership of assault weapons is what has caused some of the mass killings that have been in the news lately. If these types of weapons were not readily available to the general public, then it wouldn’t be so easy to kill large numbers of citizens.

As for my opinion of Chuck Norris; it hasn’t changed one bit. Just because the NRA has made him the honorary chairman doesn’t make his opinions valid or believable. I still find his far-right views and conspiracy theories disturbing. Guns are not the answer to our problems; they are the cause.

Let’s just imagine a scenario of the states limiting the ability to vote for certain groups of individuals; they also limit rights of other individuals that are guaranteed by our Constitution and are legally accepted; they exclude certain groups from equal participation in civil rights. What do the members of these states do? Take up arms and overthrow the government? No, they vote them out of office.

The only problem is this is the Republican agenda right now. Has owning guns kept them from instituting laws that limit participation by citizens? Are we who object to these new laws taking up arms and storming the state’s capital buildings and arresting the people who passed these laws? Of course not, we are fighting these unjust laws in the courts as civilized individuals.

To repeat: Guns are the problem, not the answer.

— Shirley A. Thomas


Thanks to those who helped fest

The Charles T. Hyte Community Center Inc. Board of Directors would like to express our thanks to the following sponsors and supporters of the 2012 African American Festival:

Dr. Joesph Selliken, Mayor Duke Bennett, the chief of police, all of the Terre Haute Police Department for their consistent surveillance of the park during the time we were there, Ellis Law, Union Hospital, Eli Lilly, Hamilton Center, Local Union 725 IBEW, Terre Haute Savings Bank, Bemis Co., AP&S Clinic, VCSC Charity Fund, Cross Tabernacle Church, American Family Insurance, First Freewill Baptist, Super Station, Elaine Brown, Complete Outdoor Equipment, our coordinator for 2012 Belinda Barnes, and all participants and visitors.

Special thanks go to Bishop Donald Smith. Above all, thank God for the perfect day for a festival.

— Franklin D.W. Brown

Chairman of the board

Hyte Community Center

Terre Haute