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November 23, 2013

Readers’ Forum: November 23, 2013


---- — Common sense or just nonsense?

I wish to comment on Dwayne Owens’ letter titled “We have to get our house in order” in the Wednesday, Nov. 6 Readers’ Forum. As I sorted my way through his spiel regarding “common sense” and “uncommon sense” it became crystal clear that the entire writing was “utter nonsense.” It was a far cry from Thomas Paine’s treatise “Common Sense” that sparked the American Revolution.

Cutting through his deep conversation straight from Fox News, talk radio and other “richly” funded sources that cited Greece, American deficit and other cobbled-together economic theory, he at least tries to appear to be an “enlightened” fear-monger. The tea party upon whose teachings his entire letter is based also proposes austerity which the tea party Republicans in the House tried to force upon us recently with a government shutdown and pseudo-default.

Undoubtedly Mr. Owens is among the 14 percent of his fellow Americans who agreed with the infamous tea party attempt to default America and to plunge the country into recession or depression. Austerity did not work in Europe and it will not work in America.

Again, Mr. Owens claims that America is “over-regulated,” a favorite subject with the types who lay claim to “common sense” via “nonsense” with a slam to the Marines made with an ugly reference to the female gender.

History shows us that the economy of nations is not the same thing as the economy of Donald Trump. Donald can file bankruptcy and so he has on several occasions. If America loses the ability to pay its bills the world plunges into depression. It plays down to the fact that nations stimulate economies by deficit spending. Generally this happens because private industry for whatever reason can no longer or will no longer provide the jobs needed to create enough wealth to allow common people to reasonably exist.

The course Mr. Owens proposes is as clear as cutting school lunch money to fund the military. It is as clear as taking money from the elderly to send to Red China. It is as clear as the IRS offering amnesty to the rich to come clean of hiding money in foreign accounts. Do you really wonder what the NSA is looking at? As soon as the amnesty period is over you may be finding out just like the “Beanie Baby” billionaire did when the IRS busted him for off-shores accounts that he failed to report. This is why money is short. It has all “trickled down” to the top. It is also why the FED continues with historically low interest rates.

I will close by stating many do not think that tea party people are all evil. They just think that most of them are brainwashed. We shall see whose can gets “kicked down the road” in the next election. Just remember what that great Republican Abraham Lincoln said about “fooling people.”

— John Garner

Terre Haute

Why all the air evacuations?

I have noticed a trend the past few years that has me puzzled.

It seems that just about every accident, the victim is airlifted to a hospital in Indianapolis. In several cases, they are treated and released the same day.

We have two award-winning hospitals in Terre Haute, one in Clinton, Brazil and Linton, and a very nice one in Sullivan that my family has been to on several occasions and received excellent care.

What service are the Indy hospitals offering that the area ones cannot provide? I am sure the cost of an air ambulance is several thousand dollars as opposed to several hundred for a ground delivery. Someone has to pay this, either the victim, the insurance company or the state if no insurance is available.

Is someone getting special compensation for this?

— Len Triplett