News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 16, 2008

On and Off the Course: We can honor fallen heroes on Patriot Golf Day

By Jennifer Myers

I’m always glad when I can report something that is happening in the golf world that is really wonderful and beneficial to many. In this case that item is called “Patriot Golf Day 2008.” Patriot Day begins Aug. 29, and goes through Sept. 1. During that time, golfers nationwide will be asked to donate a minimum of $1 in support of Patriot Day at participating golf courses. All proceeds go to the Folds of Honor Foundation to provide educational scholarships to families of disabled or and soldiers who died fighting for their country. More than $1 million dollars was raised through the 3,200 golf facilities in 2007.

The Folds of Honor Foundation was founded by PGA Professional Day Rooney, who also happens to be an F-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma Air National Guard. He was deeply affected one day when he was the passenger on a flight that had carried home a fallen soldier from Iraq. As the pilot landed that plane, he made this announcement: “We have the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin on board, and his brother Corporal Brad Bucklin has accompanied him home from Iraq. As a sign of respect, please remain seated while we honor Corporal Bucklin and his sacrifice.”

Major Rooney watched through the plane window as the flag-covered casket was removed from the rear cargo hold. He saw the family meet the procession with tears streaming down their cheeks, and he choked back emotion when he saw the fallen soldier’s young son clutching his mother’s leg. Major Rooney had served two tours in Iraq, and had seen the harshness of war on the frontlines, but this was the first time he had experienced the devastating reality back home. Turning away from the window and back to the plane, he noticed that half of the passengers had ignored the pilot’s request and had already disembarked. That moment changed Major Rooney’s life. He made a vow to make a difference. Though he couldn’t change the fate of a fallen soldier, he could do something to help the future of the grieving widow or a fatherless child. He set out to prove to America’s heroes — our military personnel — that their sacrifices would never go unappreciated. He founded Folds of Honor to ensure that families of the fallen must never endure alone. He felt that education was the key to a brighter future, so the main goal of the foundation is to offer scholarships to spouses and dependents to attend the university or institution of their choice.

Many courses throughout Indiana will be participating, but Hulman Links Golf Course is the only local course on the list. To see the full list of participating courses go to, and click on the link for Patriot Golf Day.

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A couple of weeks ago my son Phillip was invited to play in a special event for the Indiana Junior Golf Program called the Indiana/Kentucky Challenge Cup. This event pitted 12 boys each from Indiana and Kentucky, and eight girls from each state battled in match-play and stroke formats. The event was held this year at Rock Hollow Golf Course in Peru. Each year the location rotates from state to state.

The event takes place all in one day, with a morning and an afternoon session. In the morning, teams of two went against each other in a four-ball format. They all played 18 holes though, where the total number of strokes counted toward the team score, unlike Ryder Cup matches. In the afternoon, the teams of two played an alternate shot format called “Pinehurst.” It’s where both players hit tee balls, then they each hit their partner’s tee ball, then they make a choice of which ball to finish out with.

The teams from Indiana swept the competition, which could be a reflection of the strong junior program in Indiana. The Indiana Junior Golf Program was formed in 1987 with 10 events and about 200 players, and has grown to become three tours, 75 events and 1,500 kids. The Indiana program is widely regarded as one of the top junior golf programs in the country.

The Indiana Junior Golf Program has been a great experience for Phillip. It was really cool when he started playing high school matches because he’d often get paired with boys that he had played with before in summer tournaments. The Indiana/Kentucky Challenge Cup was another great event, and he knows that when he plays in Indiana Golf Association events in the future, he’ll be likely to see these boys there.

For more information on the IGA or the Indiana Junior Golf Program, visit

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Upcoming events — The inaugural Hoosier Junior Championship is Oct. 18-19 at Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus. This event is open to any junior golfer between the ages of 14-18 as of Oct. 19, 2008. Registration is available online at

Also, the Terre Haute Women’s Golf Association will have a four-person scramble at Hulman Links on Sept. 27. For more information or to register go to

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Quote of the Day — “This hole right here can have a par of anything you want it to be. Yesterday it was a par 47 — and I birdied the sucker.” — Willie Nelson.

First Financial Bank Rea Park Ladies Monday 9-hole — Standings: Shepard’s Gas 354, VFW No. 2 348, Bratt Hospital 346, VFW No. 1 326, Baesler’s Market 307, Tabco 209. Low gross: Marge Kintz 46. Low net: Kintz 33. Birdie: Kintz (14). Play of the day: Levon Garrison.

Landing Mini Tournament 9-hole Ladies — First flight: Darby Gugliemetti (first), Lucy James (second), Cathy Pusich (third). Low putt: Gugliemetti. Second flight: Georgette Arnold (first), Betty McKee (second), Carolyn Sweeting and Frances Curley (tie third). Low putts: Curley. Third flight: Molly Ellingsworth (first), Roxie Price (second), Ginny Shawler (third). Low putts: Ellingsworth. Chip-in: McKee.

Paitson’s Roofing Eastside Ladies — Standings: Daphne’s Beauty Salon 602, Baesler’s Market 570, Turner Coaches 534, Sandy’s Touch of Magic 512, Deckmasters 498, Coaches Corner 496, Advanced Chiropractic 479, Page’s Market 469. Low gross: Sandie Siegelin 35. Low net: Donna Sumansky 24. Birdies: Barb Kelly (7). Chip-ins: Anne Sanders (2), Sandye Hicks (8). Play of the day: Judy Dick.

Rea Park Wednesday Evening Ladies 9-hole — Standings: Newton-Petty 31, Padgett-Snow 29, Pair-Bedwell 26, Meyer-Clements 26, Swalls-Mozley 25, Mann-Rusk 24, Cannon-Atterson 21, Lanke-Johnson 20, Honselman-Hiatt 19, Hamilton-Harden 19, Horrall-Mahalek 18, Durand-Hyde 18, Bocard-Luttrell 17, McCord-Ugo 15. Low gross: Eileen Mann 34. Low net: Mann 27. Chip-ins: Mann, Kathleen Atterson, Josie Swalls, Mary Jean Petty, Stacy Bocard.

Rea Park Women’s Tuesday 18-hole — Low gross: Sharon Horrall 74. Low net: Lorri Ugo 62. Birdies: Sandy Stabler (1), Ugo (1), Shawn Durand (4), Beth Lowe (4, 13), Horrall (8), Carolyn Hyde (10, 11), Sharon Hamilton (13, 17), Linda Pair (16). Chip-ins: Lowe (4, 13), Pair (10, 16), Hyde (10), Terry Mahalek (10), Mary Jean Petty (12), Virginia Anderson (8, 15).

Mark’s Par Three Men’s Senior — Standings: Midwest Gas 256, Vigo Bowl 240, Tabco 236, Old National Trust 219, Dew Drop Inn 215, Mattingly Collision 213, Sycamore Chevrolet 206, Fuson Cadillac 178. Low gross: Bill Turner 35. Low net: Don Sublett 26. Closest to pin: Doc Stephens (7). Longest drive: Al Newman (2). Longest putt: Kenny Tilford (1).

Terre Haute Savings Bank Men’s Senior — National Division standings: Complete Kitchen and Bath 154, Page’s Market 143, Paitson Bros. 141, SMC 138, Lough Bros. 132, Pizza Hut 113, Fore Seasons Golf Complex 113, T.H. Savings Bank 110. Low gross: Larry Pair 36. Low net: Dave Laycock 30. American Division standings: Spring Clean Car Wash 146, Callahan Funeral Home 139, Poplar Flower Shop 138, VFW No. 972 133, Page’s Market 112, Pabst Painting 111, Salt of the Earth 104. Low gross: Jim Senff and Dave Thomas 39. Low net: Alex Maxwell 31.

Idle Creek Home Builders — (Aug. 12) Low gross: Charlie Smith 37. Low net (tie): Jack Simpson and Lenny Isles 30. Longest putt: Dave Earley (5). Closest to pin: Earley (3, 7). (Aug 4) Low gross: Mark Tarrh 40. Low net (tie): Jack Keidel, Terry Day 33. Longest putt: Lenny Isles (14). Longest putt: Fred Lamb (15). Closest to pin: Charlie Smith (12). (July 29) Low gross: Richard Booe 38. Low net: Mitch Lankaar 30. Longest drive: Brian Cottom (2). Longest putt: Booe (5). Closest to pin: Lankaar (3).

Idle Creek Terminal Sports and Spirits Wednesday Evening — (Aug. 13) First place team: Mike Nuckols and John Love 35. Closest to pin: Nuckols (12). (Aug. 6) First place team: Mitch Love and Dan Conley 29. Second place team: John Love, Nate Tompkins no score. Longest drive: Love (5). Longest putt: Love (7). Closest to pin: Mike Nuckols (9). (July 30) First place team: Mitch Love, Fred Lamb and Matt Love 32. Second place team: Denise Rowlett, Zach Wilhoyte and Nate Tompkins 32. Longest drive: Love (15). Longest putt: Nuckols (14). Closest to pin: Love (12).

Idle Creek Ladies Tuesday Morning Scramble — (Aug. 12) First place team: Denise Rowlett, Katy Drummy, Breanna Moore and Mary Cahill 37. Second place team: Cathy Brannen, Mary Brannen and Candy Lovvron 41. Longest putt: Mary Cahill (18). Closest to pin: Moore (12). (July 29) First place team: Denise Rowlett and Breanna Moore 35. Second place team: Katy Drummy, Mary Brannen and Candy Lovvron 37. Closest to pin: Rowlett (9).