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November 2, 2007

Wabash Valley media spat over Julie Henricks ad may spill over onto ISU athletic fields

There is a new twist in the saga of local media celebrity Julie Henricks.

Henricks’ former employer, WTWO-TV, has apparently refused to accept a video advertisement from her new employer, Crossroads Communications, in which she is featured.

Watch Julie in the disputed ad below

Doug Edge, general manager at Crossroads Communications, tells Nosey Newshawk that his company has a contract with WTWO/WFXW-TV in which the two outlets trade and air each other’s promotional material. But when he sent the new ad, which features Henricks, to WTWO last week, he was told by station officials they would not air the spot. Edge says they will not give him a reason, but he assumes it is because it features Henricks as the spokesperson.

Henricks, a longtime meteorologist and morning show co-host for WTWO, was terminated from her position at WTWO in early September for personnel reasons. Shortly thereafter she was hired to a full-time position at the Crossroads Communications family of radio stations as an on-air personality and meteorologist. As part of the radio outlet’s long-standing partnership with WTWO, Henricks had worked part-time as a DJ for one of Crossroads’ radio stations prior to her termination by the TV station.

Edge claims WTWO’s refusal to air the spot is a breach of contract. WTWO officials, of course, told him they disagree with that assessment and that they have the right to refuse anything Crossroads sends them.

But Edge says there is absolutely nothing objectionable in the content of the video spot, and he isn’t going to take TV-2’s “no” for an answer. His radio network also has a contractual agreement with WTWO on Indiana State University sports broadcasts, but that could be in jeopardy if the TV station continues to refuse to air the disputed promo ad.

On Friday afternoon, Edge sent a letter to the Indiana State University athletic department indicating he would terminate Crossroads Communications’ participation with WTWO in the broadcasting of ISU football and men’s basketball games. If he follows through with that threat, that would mean no radio broadcast of ISU’s final football game Nov. 10, and a scheduled men’s basketball broadcast on Nov. 9.

Nosey will keep you posted on further developments. Meanwhile, you can view the disputed video right now, right here! You can also read a copy of Edge’s letter to the ISU athletic department here.

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