News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 4, 2013


Staff Report
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Oct. 15-18, 2013

First Wok, 2570 Wabash Ave. — (4 Critical, 2 Non-Critical). Stand mixer found with old food debris; chute in ice machine found with mold; rice not rapidly re-heated to 165 degrees; dusty cans used to submerge meat into marinade.

West Vigo IGA, 1000 W. National Ave. — (4 Critical). No proof that deli slicer is cleaned no less than every 4 hours; scraps of deli chubs collected for making ham salad not date marked; lunchmeat in center section of cooler found at 55 to 57 degrees (moved); no sanitizer dispensing at three-bay sink in meat room.

Real Hacienda, 2141 S. Indiana 46 — (3 Critical, 4 Non-Critical). Cup and ice found in handwash sink; no sanitizer dispensing in automatic dishwasher; rice on grill line found at 125 degrees; should be 135 degrees or higher.

TGI Fridays, 3401 S. U.S. 41 — (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical). Holder for beverage spray nozzle observed with debris; cooked pasta on grill line not date marked.

Arby’s, 3670 S. U.S. 41 — (2 Critical). Onion straws not marked with time to discard; glove and black debris found in ice scoop container.

The Original Spaghetti Shop, 2446 Wabash Ave. — (1 Critical, 5 Non-Critical) Black debris found inside ice machine and on lobby soda machine ice chute.

Pizza King Pit Stop, 2405 Poplar St. — (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical). Pizza screens found with built-up debris.

Dew Drop Inn, 1805 N. Ninth St. — (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical). Three-bay sink in disrepair.

Jiffy Mini Mart, 501 S. Third St. — (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Scouring pad found in handwash sink.

Denny’s Restaurant, 233 S. Third St. — (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical). No chlorine dispensing in automatic dishwasher.

Wise Pies Pizza & Subs, 9 S. Sixth St. — (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical). Black debris found on tea nozzle and pink debris found inside of ice machine.

Kleptz, 9711 E. U.S. 40 — (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical). Stuffed mushrooms held past date of consumption (discarded).

The Rafters, 2918 Wabash Ave. — (1 Critical). Black debris found inside ice machine.

Uncle Herbie’s, 2206 N. 25th St. — (2 Non-Critical)

Footer’s Pizza, 248 S. Seventh St. — (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments With No Violations

Diner’s Café, 300 S. Fifth St.

Dollar General, 9580 E. U.S. 40

McLean Education Center, 961 Lafayette Ave.

David’s 63 Café, 3700 Indiana 63

Walgreen’s No. 03486, 1300 Wabash Ave.

Approved to Open

Bagger Dave’s, 3401 S. U.S. 41