News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 4, 2013

Vigo County IREAD3 passing rates nearly match state's

Sue Loughlin
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The Vigo County School Corp. achieved a 90.3 passing rate for the 2013 IREAD3 (including spring and retest results), while the state average is 91.1 percent.

“We are pleased with this figure, given the district’s higher poverty, higher special education percentage, and much higher mobility rate than the state average,” deputy superintendent Karen Goeller stated in an email.

This year, the state had a 68.7 passing rate for special education students, and  Vigo County schools had a slightly lower rate of 67.6 percent.

The district had 49 students who had to retest. Of those 49, 30 passed, for a 61 percent rate.

Last year the district summer passing rate for retesters was similar to this at 61.8 percent.

Numerous factors, including poverty, have been shown to impact reading achievement, Goeller stated. “It is important to recognize that our students’ scores are competitive” with the state’s other largest urban districts.

Indianapolis Public Schools had a 76.8-percent pass rate, while the Metropolitan School District of  Lawrence Township had an 87.6-percent pass rate.

Fort Wayne Community Schools had an 86.1-percent pass rate, while South Bend Community School Corp. had an 84-percent pass rate.

In analyzing the challenges faced by summer retesters, the VCSC learned that school attendance from grades K-3 was the common factor that may have caused them difficulty on the test.

Also, mobility was a factor as 55 percent of students who failed IREAD3 had moved schools at least once (and some multiple times) during their K-3 school years, Goeller stated.

For students who did not pass IREAD-3 this spring, third-grade classroom and resource teachers provided daily literacy interventions that addressed skills needed to pass the test.

Daily phonics instruction took place during a scheduled 45-minute intervention/enrichment block, and comprehension strategies were taught during science and social studies periods.

In addition, the Vigo County School Corp. offered a four-hour IREAD-3 Summer Intervention Program for 12 days during June.

Teachers provided instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and informational/literary text comprehension.

The district received grant support from the Vigo County Education Foundation and Covered Bridge Special Education District in funding this summer program, Goeller stated.

Pass rates for other area districts:

• Clay Community School Corp., 91.7 percent

• Northeast Sullivan School Corp., 94.8 percent

• Southwest Sullivan School Corp., 96.7 percent

• South Vermillion, 93.8 percent

• North Central Parke Community School Corp., 98.7 percent

• Southwest Parke Community School Corp. 96 percent