News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 26, 2013

Park railroad shelters getting makeovers

New roofs will allow rain water to drain

Tribune-Star staff report
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The Terre Haute Parks Department is making improvements to its “railroad shelters.”

The roofs of the long-standing picnic shelters were slightly “V” shaped, meaning water tended to collect in the middle of them, said Eddie Bird, parks superintendent. A shelter at Collett Park recently started leaking during a rain storm, thanks to rotting wood in the middle of the roof, he said. Someone renting the shelter called that to the attention of the Parks Department. That led to a check of all the “railroad” shelters and the need to deal with the roofs became a priority, Bird said.

So now, at a cost of about $3,200 per shelter, the Parks Department is replacing the shelter roofs a few at a time. Work was under way Thursday to replace the roofs on the Wiley and Gerstmeyer shelters alongside of the pond in Dobbs Park.

Two shelter roofs at Collett Park have already been replaced along with the roof of the park’s gazebo, Bird said. Two or three shelters in Deming Park are also scheduled for roof replacement, he said.

The “railroad” shelters are so named because they were donated to the parks department by the railroads years ago, the superintendent said. They have metal frames as opposed to the wooden frames of newer shelters.

The new roofs will be shaped more like traditional roofs, allowing water to flow off the sides, he said