News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 1, 2013

Area code change will affect Wabash Valley

Existing users keep 812, new customers go to 930

Arthur Foulkes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Enjoy it while you can.

Seven-digit dialing for local calls is going the way of the rotary-dial telephone.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission announced Wednesday that 930 will be the new area code to supplement the existing 812 area code in southern Indiana. And you’ll have to dial 10 digits to use either area code.

The new area code will be introduced after a 13-month grace period during which the public and telephone service providers can prepare for the change, the IURC announced Wednesday. That grace period is expected to begin within the next 45 days, said Danielle McGrath, executive director of external affairs for the IURC.

The grace period will be broken into three parts. The first six months will feature network preparation and consumer education. The second will feature “permissive” seven or 10-digit dialing for local calls. And in the final month, 10-digit dialing will be mandatory for all calls.

After it is introduced, probably late next summer, 930 will be the area code for all new telephone numbers issued in southern Indiana. Anyone with an exiting 812 telephone number will be able to maintain that number, the IURC stated.

Once 930 is introduced, even telephones on the same block or even within the same building could have different area codes. That is why it will be necessary to dial 10 digits even for local calls.