News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 12, 2013

Seelyville Water recovers from lightning hit

The Tribune-Star

SEELYVILLE — A lightning strike overnight interrupted water production for Seelyville Waterworks customers, prompting a request for customers to conserve water.

The problem had been tracked down as of midday Thursday, and repairs were underway,

 Town Manager Brent Spier told the Tribune-Star. In the meantime, the plant was being operated manually to supply water.

“We are flipping things off and on, as opposed to the computer doing it,” Spier explained.

The ground storage tank, located at Sandcut, received a lightning strike that fried a component that monitors the water level.

The water data froze at the time of the lightning strike, Spier said, so as the water level in the tank decreased because of customer use, the telemetry system did not receive good data to show that the pumps needed to come on to maintain the appropriate water level in the tanks.

After a morning of trouble-shooting, he said, the problem was located and replacement parts are being purchased and installed.

“We wanted to make sure we notified the public,” Spier said of notification about the issue that came out Thursday morning.

 Customers were warned that water may be discolored, but is safe to drink. Customers may also notice a fluctuation in water pressure as well as some air in the water lines.

Seelyville Waterworks has 2,500 service locations covered by 120 miles of water main. Commercial customers include Kellogg’s in Seelyville and Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.