An overheated transformer blew out controls and shut down water pumps that supply water to about 700 water customers of the town of Seelyville early Tuesday.

The transformer sits in a lift station near Hunt Road and U.S. 40. It supplies water to several subdivisions in the city limits of Terre Haute, including Phoenix Hills, Robinwood, Woodridge, Woodshire, Lincolnshire, Deming Estates and Wyndham.

“The transformer grounded out or overheated and blew up about 7:25 a.m.,” said Brent Spier, Seelyville town manager. “It knocked out the controls and pumps and all the fluorescent lights in the lift station.”

The problem was fixed and water pressure restored by 9 a.m. Tuesday, Spier said.

Spier said if customers experience any such problems in the future, they should call the waterworks department at (812) 877-2665 and leave a detailed message about the problem and their telephone number.