Design Engineering is a popular class among the technology department at Terre Haute South, and it is taught by Steve Joseph. The classes involve drawing, drafting and many large projects. These projects include designing the outdoor learning lab, constructing canoes, or even making a Trebucket, which according to senior Kris Stuckey, is similar to a catapult. Senior Bobby Dunford said his favorite project was making a prototype of a miniature golf course.

The class is offered in four forms, Design Engineering I-IV. Design Engineering ranges from one to two periods, depending on the form of the class. Mr. Joseph recommends taking the classes in order, beginning as a freshman.

“The class is good for students planning to do something with drafting beyond high school,” Joseph explained.

Dunford decided to take Design Engineering because he thought the drafting and computer skills would be useful in college, where he plans to major in construction management.

The only thing the Design Engineering class is missing are females.

There are only one or two girls in a class each year. “[Generally] girls tend to perform better in this class because they are better drawers and writers than boys,” Joseph explained. Girls should get involved in classes like these, especially if what the course entails relates to a hobby they are passionate about. It could come in handy in the future.

Design Engineering does not only involve constructing projects for class, but also for competitions outside of class. Many of the students are involved in Skills USA, a competition that involves drafting and professional skills. Professional skills include promotional speaking, essay writing, job interviews and resumés. South does well in this competition each year. In four years, four students have been selected to compete nationally. Skills USA also has scholarship opportunities.

Another exciting competition for South students is building and racing Supermileage cars. A group of 4-12 Design Engineering students design the car. This year, the team is led by Stuckey. The car is built and designed from the ground up and will eventually compete against 50 other high school teams in Indianapolis Raceway Park. South has won fourth and sixth place, but the goal this year is high, as they have received second place in the past.