The Terre Haute Housing Authority and the city’s Department of Redevelopment have petitioned to close an unused alley running north and south near Charlie’s tavern.

The alley is between Wilson and Crawford streets and 15th and 16th streets. The alley contains cement blocks to prevent entrance from Charlie’s. The city engineer’s office said an east-west alley must remain open as that alley is used for trash disposal.

The alley is adjacent to a vacant lot owned by city resident Franklin Brown. If abandoned, Brown’s lot size would increase by eight feet. Brown asked the Terre Haute City Council on Thursday if that would increase his property taxes.

Brown was told the property would have to be reassessed.

In other business, a rezoning of land at 4201 Wabash Ave. concerns nearby neighbors, who fear a possible apartment complex could reduce property values, could cause access problems and has an existing problem of standing water year-round, said Susan Garton, 126 Regionwood Lane, who lives directly behind the Wabash Avenue property.

Garton bought her property in 1997 “because it is a small neighborhood, with just three homes and I made sure the empty lot was for a single-family residence. If they build an apartment complex, it will no longer be quiet and private.”

Garton said she has had to pay to maintain a road that goes to her property. The city of Terre Haute has petitioned to have that road included in its road inventory and plans to maintain that road, said City Engineer Pat Goodwin.

The City Council will vote on the rezoning and alley matters at its meeting next Thursday.