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November 18, 2011

VIRAL VIDEO: Police officers chase dog on freeway

CNHI News Service

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Police chases on freeways make for compelling video. Add an adorable dog to the mix, and you just can’t look away.

Helicopter video shot by KNXV-TV on Wednesday afternoon showed motorcycle officers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety chasing a small pup – believed to be a Yorkie – on the freeway in Tempe, Ariz.

The dog had been in the back of a vehicle involved in a rollover crash, and when officers responded to the scene, the dog took off running, KNXV reported. Two motorcycle officers followed the dog along the highway, trying to catch her and keep her out of the oncoming traffic. After several failed attempts, one officer got off his motorcycle and managed the corner the dog against a concrete barrier.

Officers told the TV station that no one was seriously injured in Wednesday’s crash.