Know how much money you have on you

Almost everyone has it happen sometimes that they did not have enough money to buy something. For example, have you ever been caught wanting a snack from a fast food restaurant only to realize that you did not have enough change on you to buy what you wanted? Whenever we are short of the funds required to buy something, our memory has clearly failed us. We have forgotten our “money trail” (where and when we have spent X amount of money). We either forgot to take our money with us, forgot that we spent the money earlier, or we forgot how many purchases made recently with our credit card(s).

When we do not have funds or a card on us, there may be no problem. If the purchase is just for us, and we can really live without what we wanted to buy, we can live to buy on another day. However, if we have offered to pay for something for someone else, the lack of funds or cards can be embarrassing. For example, have you ever offered to treat someone (say to a milkshake or a meal) only to discover that you did not have enough cash to do so? If this happens, people may quickly retrieve a credit card from their wallet. Unfortunately, sometimes people are told that their credit card could not be accepted — after they finished the meal.

Anyone can avoid being short of cash in a number of ways. Hide a “twenty dollar bill” in the inner recesses of your wallet; resolve never to take this bill out more than once a year. Also good habits of living can really help, such as by taking a moment at the end of the day to check on what cash one has left. Also when you do so, take a moment to reflect on the purchases you have made with your credit card(s).

*“Money, That’s What I Want” was written by Barrett Strong, 1960; and recorded by the Academian Nuts, Beatles, Flying Lizards, Kinks, Hansons, Snider’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, Psychedelic Furs, and others.

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