News From Terre Haute, Indiana

March 9, 2014

MAX JONES: Newspapers can be fun, too; check out Readers’ Choice

Max Jones
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Smart and savvy newspaper readers (that’s all of you, of course) know full well that their daily consumption of news and information isn’t an exclusively high-brow pursuit. Yes, there’s serious stuff in these pages, but there’s plenty of lighter fare to help relieve the stresses of your day as well. Some of it is downright fun. Advice columns. Comics. Puzzles.

This time of year is among the busiest for engaging our legions of readers with even more fun items. Last week, we kicked off the annual Readers’ Choice project that allows all of you to vote on your favorite local businesses, personalities and products.

We’ve been sponsoring this Readers’ Choice project for several years now, and it never ceases to please and amaze me how much energy the community puts into it.

The Readers’ Choice ballots, with more than 140 categories available, appeared three times in last week’s newspaper (March 2, March 6 and March 7). It won’t be published again, but if you missed it or need ballots, you still might be able to obtain one or more of those editions from the customer service desk at our offices at 222 S. Seventh St. in downtown Terre Haute.

However, I recommend you call us, 812-234-4274, before making a special trip. These editions are quite popular, and it’s possible we could be sold out by the time you get here.

If you can’t obtain a printed ballot, never fear. Online voting is also available by visiting readerschoice. You’ll be able to vote online one time only, so don’t get any ideas about using our website to stuff the ballot box (not that anyone would try, right?).

The deadline for voting or submitting ballots is March 12. The winners will be announced in a special section to be published in the April 26 edition of the T-S.

Thousands of folks participate in Readers’ Choice each year. If you haven’t joined in the fun, we invite you to do so.


Speaking of fun stuff that appears in your newspaper, the Monday edition one week from today will once again contain the NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets. We’re not sponsoring a bracket contest this year, but this large bracket presentation is perfect for those who plan and conduct their own picking contests.

Updated brackets will be published each week.

Meanwhile, you will be able to follow news and analysis of the tournament as it progresses at Tribstar.Com.


Athletics on all levels is a grand soap opera, and followers of Tribune-Star Sports Editor Todd Golden and his staff of writers (Andy Amey, David Hughes and Craig Pearson) know how well they perform as a team. This is a veteran crew that knows how to tell good stories and keep you in tune with happenings in the vast world of sports.

Todd recently relaunched his online blog, “Down in the Valley,” at toddgolden. He blogged throughout the past weekend at the Missouri Valley Conference tournament and will continue to provide his insights as the NCAA tournament unfolds.

This is highly entertaining content that is available online only. Todd’s stuff is provocative, sometimes irreverent and always fun to read. And he enjoys getting feedback from readers. Now would be a great time to check out the blog.


Finally today, I want to update readers on the status of Donnesbury creator Garry Trudeau.

As you may know, Trudeau is involved in the development of a sitcom and last summer took a prolonged leave of absence to devote time to the project. He returned to drawing for a while last fall, but recently left for an indefinite leave of absence from his daily Donnesbury comic to continue with other projects.

While his Sunday Doonesbury comic strip continues, his daily strip, published on our editorial page, is now being filled by classic strips from the original years of the early 1970s.

Rather than cancel the daily strip in his absence, we have opted to continue publishing the classic strips, at least for a while. The future of the daily Doonesbury strip is uncertain, but Trudeau has not yet abandoned it altogether.

We’ll be watching closely for further developments. As always, your feedback on this or any topic is appreciated.

Max Jones can be reached at 812-231-4336, or by email at Follow him on Twitter, @TribStarMax.