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January 9, 2013

Mid-West Archery, Whitetail Deer Expo Jan. 12

News Release

CLOVERDALE — Wintertime blues getting you down? Hunting season over, lose that cabin fever and come visit us at the Mid-West Archery and Whitetail Deer Expo. Vendors will have on display quality hand made crafts, ATVs, new trucks, log cabin, taxidermy and many other must see vendors. The Expo and the 3-D Archery Shoot will be staged Jan. 12 in the C Bar C Expo Center at Cloverdale in Putnam County. The Expo Center is located just south of Interstate 70 and exit 41, go south to the second stop light (Motel 6) and go west 1/2 of a mile.

Putnam County will be the first county in Indiana to welcome Team Bow Masters of Arkansas to host the first indoor 3-D Pop-Up Shoot-Em-Up Challenge. A challenging, fast paced Archery competition owned and developed by Jerry Boyles. Bow Masters of Arkansas is a family owned business; hosting 3-D pop up archery tournaments throughout the United States. This Archery Shoot will have an individual as well as a two-man team competition. Open to the public and all ages, this shoot will have winners in several skill levels, gender and age groups. About $2500 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the winners. If you plan on shooting in the competition here is the format, rules and regulations.

Sports show format

1. Each competitor will shoot two (2) rounds from an elevated platform or a tree stand.

2. The rounds will be added together for a total score. The total score will be used to rank the top eight (8) or 16 shooters in each division. If there are 16 shooters or less in a division, 8 shooters will advance to the elimination round; if there are 16 or more shooters in a division, 16 shooters will advance.

3. The shooters advancing to the elimination round will be placed in a heads up, single elimination round in the following order: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc. If there are 16 in the elimination round it will be: 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc.

Team Bowmaster Sports Show rules

1. Shooters are only allowed 5 arrows in the tree stand.

2. A dropped arrow may not be retrieved by anyone.

3. Equipment failure:

A. If a shooter has equipment failure during a round and stops before completing the round, that round will be re-shot.

B. If a shooter completes a round and then discovers equipment failure that round score will stand.

C. If Bowmasters of Arkansas has equipment failure during a round, the round will be re-shot. If Bowmasters of Arkansas must stop a round due to some unforeseeable problem, the round will be re- shot.

4. The maximum draw weight allowed is 80 pounds.

5. Then minimum arrow weight allowed is 5 grains per pound of draw weight.

6. Scoring will be 14, 12, 11, 10, 8 and 5. (14, 12, 11- inside-out scoring)

7. All ties in the qualifying rounds will be broken by Bowmasters of Arkansas personnel. In the case of identical ties, and all ties in the finals, the ties will be broken by a shoot off round.

8. Team Bowmasters will provide Nikon range finder devices before you shoot.

9. A shooter may re-enter the tournament five (5) times. If the shooter re-enters, his/her initial score will be erased and the following score will count. NO EXCEPTIONS. Shooters will be allowed to re-enter as time permits.

The schedule of events will include seminars from the Whitetail Fix TV show airing this spring on the outdoor pursuit channel. Dean Zimmerman, state biologist with the Department of Natural Resources will be discussing what caused the decline in the deer population and answer questions at the end of his seminar. Putnam County's deer population was one of the hardest hit in the Midwest this year. Any information that the hunters, farmers and property owners can share on the number of deer found dead this last year with Zimmerman may help in determining a closer percentage of the deer lost in Putnam County and other counties in the Midwest. Zimmerman will appear on Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. only. Other seminars will be given on food plots, deer and property management.

Drawings will take place throughout the three-day event for prizes donated by our sponsors.

Bring in your mounted deer or racks taken or found to be scored by the Pope and Young, Boone and Crocket, Hoosier Record Book and Illinois Record Book certified scorers. A $15 fee will be charged to score and add your trophy to the record books, if it qualifies.

Enter our Big Buck contest and display your big buck on our wall of trophies. $15 entry fee and free weekend pass. There will be a Typical and Non Typical winner. To win the buck must be a legally taken deer. (Firearm, bow, cross bow). Score will be total inches with no deductions.

The Indiana Mid-West Archery and Whitetail Deer Expo was created and promoted by Mike Hanlon. With Putnam County being surrounded by four major city's and Interstate 70 stretching from the east to the west and going right through Cloverdale, Mike  found the C Bar C Expo Center to be the perfect location to hold an Outdoor Sportsman Expo. Not only will this be a big event for Putnam County but an annual event that will grow year after year. Cloverdale already hosts the Traditional Bow Hunters National Shoot at the Cloverdale Conservation Club and Bedford, Indiana hosts the third leg of the IBO National 3-D outdoor shoot. Mike is already planning on staging the State Championship 3-D Pop-Up Shoot-Em-Up Challenge this summer at the C Bar C Expo Center.

Archery competition and 3-D archery shoots have been steadily growing in popularity. For those wanting to learn to shoot archery there will be seminars given by Peggy and Allen Royer all three days of the Indiana Archery and Whitetail Deer Expo. This will be open for all ages. State certified and well trained staff will help you learn more about the archery equipment and the rules of the shooting range. Putnam County 4-H archery club members will also be to mentor the new shooters.

Come break up the winter time blues and enjoy competing in the individual and the two man archery shoot. If you would rather watch the competition, bleachers and seating will be set up where you can see the action. Help make the C Bar C Expo Center and Putnam county one of the top locations in the state for indoor archery events and a new venue for vendors to market there products and sponsors to advertise their business.