News From Terre Haute, Indiana

March 8, 2013

Dump truck hits rear of school bus

Four students taken to hospital as precaution

Sue Loughlin
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Four Lost Creek Elementary students were taken to Union Hospital on Thursday afternoon as a precaution after a dump truck hit a Vigo County School Corp. bus on U.S. 40 in Seelyville.

All four were treated and released, according to Superintendent Dan Tanoos.

Just before 3 p.m., the westbound bus had stopped to drop off a student at his grandfather’s house when the dump truck clipped the driver’s side rear panel of the bus, which ended up in the lawn of resident Jim Tanner.

A white mini-van also was involved.

Four Lost Creek Elementary students were on board the bus, and they were taken to Union by ambulance as a precaution.

Tanner was standing alongside the road waiting for his 6-year-old grandson, who was on the school bus.

“I was standing there waiting for the bus to stop so I could get on and get him off.  As I approached the door, I saw the dump truck come at a high rate of speed and it wasn’t going to be able to stop,” Tanner said. He also saw a white mini-van to the left of the bus.

“I hollered for the bus driver to go,” Tanner said, and then he had to get out of the way himself.

His grandson was taken from the bus to the ambulance by a stretcher. “I think he’ll be all right. He hit his head on the post between the windows. But he was ready to get off the bus,” Tanner said.

“I’m probably the one they should be transporting,” he said, relieved his grandson will be okay. The dump truck “hit hard,” he said.

Tanoos had been at a meeting in his office when transportation personnel yelled out over the radio, “emergency,” which rarely happens.

Initial scanner traffic indicated a semi-trailer had hit the bus. “It’s my worst nightmare,” Tanoos said.

Several school district personnel were on the scene, as well as Lost Creek Elementary staff. “We all rushed here and helped out the best we could,” Tanoos said at the scene. “The bus driver did everything he was supposed to do.”

Tanoos then headed to Union to check on the children.

 Responders included Indiana State Police, Vigo County Sheriff’s Department, Seelyville Fire Department and TransCare.

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