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October 28, 2013

Small Illinois neighborhood gets its first sidewalk

Associated Press

---- — FAIRMONT, Ill. (AP) — A small unincorporated area where about 2,500 people live in Will County has gotten its first sidewalk.

Fairmont is located between Joliet and Lockport. The Herald-News reports that a 1,000-foot sidewalk now runs on the east side of Green Garden Place. It stretches from the area’s school south into the neighborhood. It opened earlier this month.

Fairmont School District 89 Superintendent Sonya Whitaker says students were walking to school on the grass because there was no sidewalk. The sidewalk is part of an effort to improve the neighborhood. The area also has recently gotten an urban garden at the Fairmont Community Center and a bus shelter.

Longtime resident Henry Travis says the sidewalk represents that the neighborhood is “going forward instead of backward.”