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October 9, 2012

Vigo County Jail Log: Oct. 9, 2012

Staff Report
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The following individuals were booked into the Vigo County Jail by area law enforcement on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, based on jail records. Charges are recommended by arresting officers but are not final until the Vigo County prosecutor reviews the case and files official charges.


Jesse L. Smith, 33, 2300 block of Third Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 10:17 a.m. Theft.

Robert K. Harlan, 23, 100 block of South Fifth Street, Terre Haute, booked 10:49 a.m. Failure to appear.

Danielle Barnhart, 27, 600 block of East Couty Road, Brazil, booked 11:50 a.m. Failure to appear.

Charisse J. Graham, 44, 200 block of West South Eye Stree, Gas City, booked 3:09 p.m. Failure to appear and bond revocation.

Kyle A. Kelly, 29, 6900 block of North Erickson, Terre Haute, booked 3:19 p.m. Forgery.

Rodney D. Wells, 38, 7100 block of Robertson Road, Terre Haute, booked 4:39 p.m. Bond revocation.

Miranda C. Mervyn, 20, 700 block of South Sixth Street, Terre Haute, booked 6:18 p.m. Court order.

Tracy R. Higginbotham, 22, 2200 block of Crawford Street, Terre Haute, booked 6:27 p.m.  Robbery and carjacking.

John L. Robertson, 33, 1000 block of Blackman Street, Clinton, booked 7:10 p.m. Criminal trespass, criminal conversion and probation violation.

Rodney D. Hunt, 56, 800 block of East Chandler, Evansville, booked 7:24 p.m. Public intoxication.

Jody A. Bush, 43, 4700 block of West County Road 1200 North, Farmersburg, booked 8:55 p.m. Failure to appear.

Olugbenga S. Ogundare, 33, 1700 block of Thompson Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 10:32 p.m. Battery-domestic and battery-serious.

Rachel M. Fairbanks, 34, 3700 block of East Brodland Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 11:01 p.m. Disorderly conduct.


Jarrod M. Hill, 21, 2000 block of East Lawrence Avenue, Springfield, Ill., booked 12:33 a.m. Public intoxication.

Larissa Winfield, 21, 1000 block of East Voorhees, Terre Haute, booked 1:04 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Bolutif Olorunda, 23, no address given, booked 2 a.m. Public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.

William L. Higgins, 42, 10600 block of McClain Drive, Brownsburg, booked 3:10 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.  

James D. Vollmer, 21, 4400 block of Wentz Drive, Carmel, booked 3:28 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Debra A. Vilchuck, 52, 4200 block of South Springacers Street, Terre Haute, booked 3:38 a.m. Operating while intoxicated and habitual traffic offender.

Tiana Y. Hurston, 24, 1000 block of South Fourth Street, Terre Haute, booked 3:59 a.m.  Operating while intoxicated and failure to appear.

Traviana L. Walker, 19, 7900 block of Greenwood Court, Terre Haute, booked 4 a.m. Minor consuming alcohol.   

Terrance Morris, 22, 100 block of Willow, Terre Haute, booked 4:05 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Skyle A. Wells, 22, 7000 block of West County Road 700 South, Coatsville, booked 12:02 p.m. Public intoxication.

Meghan M. Mowbray, 23, 3000 block of East Hall Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 1:14 p.m. Failure to appear.

Keith A. Sears, 28, 2800 block of Schall Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 2:54 p.m. Failure to appear.

Rufus A. Gaston, 25, 500 block of Sycamore, Greencastle, booked 3:33 p.m., Public intoxication.

Nathan M. Merrill, 24, 500 block of South State Street, Ann Arbor, Mich., booked 3:51 p.m. Public intoxication.

Christopher W. Nelson, 29, 5800 block of Old Paris Road, West Terre Haute, booked 4:46 p.m. Public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

Stephen J. Dowd, 44, 500 block of Second Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 5:05 p.m.  Possession controlled substance and failure to appear.

Brock Billman, 22, 5000 block of North County Road 300 West, Osgood, booked 5:44 p.m. Public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.  

Jontrese M. Craig, 24, 1000 block of Green Leaf Court, Terre Haute, booked 6:31 p.m. Public intoxication, public nudity, and failure to appear.

Taresa Miller, 39, 300 block of West Lorey Drive, West Terre Haute, booked 6:58 p.m. Possession of marijuana/hash and possession of paraphernalia.  

Eldonna K. Harrington, 46, 1400 block of North Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 8:41 p.m. Probation violation.

Tobias D. Padgett, 31, 400 block of West Walls, Shelburn, booked 9:48 p.m. Public intoxication.

Andrew I. Hogue, 22, 1400 block of Elm Street, Terre Haute, booked 10:06 p.m. Criminal trespass.

Brent P. Hamblen, 39, 2300 block of South Center Street, Terre Haute, booked 11:33 p.m. Failure to appear.

Stoney Dycus, 47, 1600 block of South 17th Street, Terre Haute, booked 11:20 p.m. Criminal mischief.

Charlie Johnson, 28, 1500 block of South 18th, Terre Haute, booked 11:50 p.m. Battery.


Matthew A. Murray, 28, 2100 block of North 29th Street, Terre Haute, booked 12:09 a.m. Criminal recklessness, intimidation and pointing a firearm.

Kyle T. Robertson, 21, under the 100th block of South 15th Street, Terre Haute, booked 1:38 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Shannon M. Crittenden, 19, 2300 block of Wallace Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 3:59 a.m. Failure to appear.

Jacob L. Giffen, 23, 200 block of North 21st Street, Terre Haute, booked 5:30 a.m. Operating while intoxicated, leaving scene-property damage, and invalid charge.

Cassandra F. Jenkins, 19, 300 block of Wabash Avenue, Laporte, booked 5:41 a.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Angela K. Ford, 43, 2500 block of Heck Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 7:16 a.m. Neglect of a dependant.

William Goodman, 28, 600 block of North 15th Street, Terre Haute, booked 7:45 a.m. Failure to appear.

Jose M. Flores, 37, 1900 block of North Popular, Terre Haute, booked 5:48 p.m. Operating while intoxicated and driver never licensed.  

Angela K. Dennis, 31, 1300 block of First Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 5:59 p.m. Failure to appear.

Abraham A. Cornelius, 21, 3800 block of North 25th, Terre Haute, booked 6:28 p.m.  Failure to appear.


Norman Auterson, 45, 1000 block of Springhill Drive, Terre Haute, booked 2:34 a.m.  Operating while intoxicated and driving while suspended.

James B. Stabler, 59, 2500 block of South 19th, Terre Haute, booked 7:11 a.m. Failure to appear.

Lori R. Sullivan, 55, 2500 block of South 19th, Terre Haute, booked 7:21 a.m. Failure to appear (two counts).

Mark E. Lengacher, 54, 4000 block of East Park Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 5:36 a.m. Habitual traffic violator.

Brad L. Keller, 49, 7700 block of Rosedale Road, Terre Haute, booked 5:59 a.m. Court order (two counts).

Shane J. McGovern, 32, under the 100th block of South Seventh, Terre Haute, booked 7:10 p.m. Criminal conversion.

Emilee N. Lallow-Cox, 35, 1500 block of Third Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 7:20 p.m. Criminal trespass and criminal conversion.  

David W. Kingery, 50, 2700 block of 1100 North County Road East, Brazil, booked 9:40 p.m. Operating while intoxicated.

Byron C. Sutton, 46, 2300 block of Evergreen Court, Terre Haute, booked 9:43 p.m. Murder.


Jerry A. Ellinger, 36, 2700 block of Thompkins, Terre Haute, booked 1:23 a.m. Criminal trespass.

Christopher D. Deckard, 46, 400 block of East Main Street, Farmersburg, booked 2:38 a.m. Operating while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement, probation violation, and failure to appear.

Justin R. Sims, 24, 2300 block of Second Avenue, Terre Haute, booked 2:51 a.m. Battery-aggravated (two counts).

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.