News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 31, 2014

Super preppers

Stores stock up, make specialty snacks ahead of Super Bowl buying blitz

Arthur Foulkes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Gingerbread men with colorful icing to resemble Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson are ready for action – or at least to be eaten – at Baesler’s Market in Terre Haute.

These tasty cookies are just one example of the dozens of treats, snacks and platters decked out in orange blue and green to match the colors of the teams competing in Sunday’s big game.

“The gingerbread men are going over really well,” said Casey Baesler, whose east-side store is smoking chicken wings and making other food and deli preparations for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Americans devour snacks and other foods in a big way on Super Sunday and folks in Terre Haute are no exception. As a result, this is no time for local retailers to be caught napping.

Folks who want party food without the trouble of preparing it flock to Taco Casita on Wabash Avenue for 12 packs of hard tacos and nacho chips shortly before Sunday evening’s kickoff, said Amy King, restaurant manager. Sales are brisk as tacos make a popular game day treat, she said.

At Bower’s 7th and 70 Liquor, steady sales are also expected ahead of Sunday’s game, due in large part to No. 18 guiding the Broncos. “A lot of people around here are still Peyton Manning fans,” said Wayne Bower, store owner.

Casey’s General Store at North 25th Street and Fort Harrison Road was also gearing up for the big game on Friday. The store will be offering chicken wings and pizza specials, said Erica Cummins, manager. Beer is also a big seller for the Super Bowl, she said.

Americans are expected to eat roughly 1.23 billion chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl, according to data published by Fox Sports from the National Chicken Council. They’ll also be eating about 11.2 million pounds of potato chips and drinking 51.7 million cases of beer, according to the data provide by Fox Sports.

Super Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption on a single day in the U.S., according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Area Kroger stores are expecting their usual stampede of Super Bowl customers in the hours and days before the game starts, said John Elliott, a Kroger spokesman.

“We’ll see a lot of beer and soft drink and snack item” sales this weekend, Elliott said. Frozen pizzas are also a big seller as is Kroger’s fried chicken, he said.

“We have great fried chicken,” Elliott said. “It sells well every day, but it does especially well for the Super Bowl.”

Like Baesler’s, Kroger also has its share of bakery items decorated with the rich colors of the Broncos and the Seahawks. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies are inviting snack items already designed to add to any game-day party atmosphere.

Sales at Bower’s 7th and 70 Liquor store can vary a lot for the Super Bowl depending on the teams playing, Bower said. Because many local fans are rooting for Peyton Manning, he is optimistic about sales this year.

“The only negative side to the game is waiting to see who shows up for work the next morning,” he said laughing.

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