News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 16, 2014

Mosquito spraying starts today

Vigo County Health Dept.
News Release

TERRE HAUTE — The Vector Control Division of the Vigo County Health Department today began its summertime mosquito erradication efforts in Terre Haute. The type of mosquito-control methods used by the program depends on the time of year, the type of mosquitoes to be controlled, and the habitat structure. Methods can include elimination of mosquito larval habitats, application of insecticides to kill mosquito larvae, or spraying insecticides from trucks to kill adult mosquitoes.

The mosquito spraying schedule is posted on the Vigo County website, Click on departments, scroll down to the health department and click on vector.

Insecticide fogging began today in the following areas of the city.                        

Monday, June 16

• North Terre Haute, north of Haythorne, Springwood Subdivision, Bartley Subdivision, CeMar Estates Subdivision, Grouseland Subdivision.

• Honey Creek Township, west side of Linton Township, east side of Prairie Creek Township.

• Area west of Indiana 63, 147th Drive, north to the city.

• Colonial Park Subdivision, Prairie Village, U.S. 41 on the east, Fiddler Road on the south, Indiana 63 on the west, Blocksom Road on the north.

• Honey Creek Township, west side of Linton Township, east side of Prairie Creek Township.

Spraying schedule for the remainder of the week:

Tuesday June 17

• Northeast corner of city

• Part of the northeast section of the city, a part of the southeast section of the city, Maple Avenue on the north, Fruitridge on the east, Wallace Avenue on the south, 11th on the west.

• North Terre Haute, Terre Town, northwest section of the city.

• Southwest corner of the city

• South central section of the city.

 Wednesday June 18

• Seelyville, Limberlost Hills, Gospel Grove, Glenn Ayer, Felling Subdivision, Everman's Subdivision, Glenn Dell, East Glenn, Burgan Subdivision.

• County Line on east, U.S. 40 on south, Burnett on north, Fruitridge Avenue on west.

• Sandcut, Fontanet, and the northeast section of the county.  Bounded by Rio Grande Road on the south, Gross Road and Fontanet Road on the east, Parker on the north, and Atherton Road on the west.

• Burnett, Coal Bluff and area between.

• Lewis and Blackhawk area.

Thursday June 19

• Old U.S. 40, town of West Terre Haute.

• Spelterville, Howard Subdivision, Florida Avenue Mobile Home Park, Northwood Subdivision, U.S. 41 from Evans Lane to Haythorne.

• Tecumseh, Krislynn Woods, Shepardsville, New Goshen, Shirkieville, Libertyville, Marion Heights, and area northwest of the river.

• Rural area of West Terre Haute.

• Rural area north of West Terre Haute, Sandford, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Whitcomb Heights, Ferguson Hill

Friday June 20

• Woodridge Subdivision, Woodshire, Deming Park, Village Quarter, Robinwood, Parkview and Ros-Hulman.

• Subdivisions along U.S. 41 south, north of 75th Drive.

• Town of Riley, Lakewood Subdivision, Indiana 42 on the north, McDaniel Road on the west, Gross Road on the south, Hultz Road on the east.

• Interstate 70 on the north, Indiana 159 on the east, Indiana 246 on the south, east of U.S. 41 on Township Line Road.

• Youngstown, Fowler Park, Pimento and area between.