News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 19, 2013

Indiana Conservation Officers busy with flood calls, water rescues

Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
News Release

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Conservation Officers in west central Indiana are staying busy responding to calls of vehicles in flood water on many Indiana roads. Officers want to warn the public of the dangers associated with driving through flood waters.

The large amount of rain Indiana has accumulated over the past few days has caused driving hazards across the state.  The rainfall has caused streams and rivers to overflow their banks and to cover many roadways.

Residents that live or travel through areas prone to flooding should use extreme caution and follow these simple tips.

• Never drive around barricades at water covered roadways.

• Do not drive through flowing water.  

• Drive with care at night. This is when it may be difficult to see barricades or flowing water.

• If you choose to abandon your vehicle, prepare for the fast moving water and seek higher ground immediately.

• Always travel with a fully charged cell phone.

• Turn Around, Don’t Drown

The local areas that have seen a high number of distress calls is Morgan, Putnam, Owen and Greene counties.  Officers in Morgan County have responded to 6 calls for vehicles stranded in flood waters since this morning. It appears most of these were due to drivers disregarding signage that roads were closed.