News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 26, 2011

LIZ CIANCONE: Achoo! Summer cold is something to sneeze at!

Liz Ciancone
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Of all the miseries visited upon mankind, I think that the summer cold wins the door prize!

My Best Friend and I opened our third box of tissues Sunday, a BIG box, not your handy, pocket-size job. We added tissues to the shopping list assuming that one or the other of us will soon feel like getting out. I know I’m ready to go someplace, ANYplace, as long as it’s out!

We are rarely ailing simultaneously, but for the past 10 days, we have produced a duet of snorts and sneezes, coughs and wheezes with an occasional trumpet call of a clearing blast into a handful of tissues. Ordinarily I am on my feet when my BF requires TLC and on the occasions when I am below par, he is willing to fet and do as I require. It works for us.

But, when we both fell into bed upon returning from vacation, we have each been reduced to looking pitiful in the hope that the other party to the joint misery will be moved and cater. It’s worth a try.

Lord only knows the source of a summer cold. We figure we caught it from the recirculated air on the plane. I am sure that if we were harboring a latent germ or two when we embarked, we infected the entire crew and most of the 180-some passengers. I certainly felt as if we had enough germs left over to infect the greater Indianapolis area.

I’m not sure who said it first. Maybe I griped about a scratchy throat, or maybe it was my BF hacking away. It was pretty much a dead heat as it worked out, and we have each responded in our usual way.

My BF is a napper. After the rigors of a busy morning, he likes a restorative cappocino followed by tilting back in the recliner for a restful hour. I am not a napper, but last week made a believer out of me. Rather than medication, which I dislike, it is my theory that the body will heal itself if you just drown the germs with plenty of juice and get extra rest. I napped away too, daily! And, do you know, I think it’s working!

I got through Sunday without a nap. Monday looks as if it will be business as usual.

So, except for those folks we may have infected on the plane, we kept our germs at home for a week. In that dreadful heat, staying at home was a good idea anyway.