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April 3, 2012

LIZ CIANCONE: Pastor Pat may want to re-read his Bible

Liz Ciancone
The Tribune-Star

---- — I’ve done my share of Monday-morning quarterbacking. I guess most of us don’t take Sunday losses well. We seem to figure that if only we were coaching, our team would have won the game.

So it was with some understanding, but decidedly mixed feelings, when I read last week that Pat Robertson had weighed in with some of the Monday-morning stuff, and with a vengeance. Pastor Pat was deploring the fact that the Denver Broncos had signed Peyton Manning and released Tim Tebow, last season’s hero.

Robertson allowed as how it would be “karma” if Manning was to be injured. It would “serve Denver right,” the minister went on, because of the “shabby” way the team had treated Tebow. While he says he didn’t mean to imply that he prayed for an injury, that’s not the way some sports writers and fans heard it.

Apart from all Tebow allegedly did to save last season for the Broncos, Robertson approved of the young man’s overt display of prayer when things go right on the football field. Parson Pat is apparently unaware of Manning’s charity work through his foundation, done without any public display.

What is also overlooked is that professional football is a business, a very lucrative business. It could be said that the Colts treated Manning shabbily after his skill had brought a Super Bowl trophy to Indianapolis. Bottom line, the Colts were unwilling to take a chance or risk recurrence of his injury.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow has signed a contract with the New York Jets and won’t have to wonder where his next meal is coming from. Reports are that there will be a new “system” which will not require Tebow to do as much passing — at which he does not excel — and a lot more “scrambling” — which he seems to have down to a science.

If Robertson admires Tebow’s Christian convictions, he might try reading his Bible a bit more carefully. We are admonished to practice our faith in private and also to follow the golden rule. The latter works Monday morning and every other day of the week.

Liz Ciancone is a retired Tribune-Star reporter. Her column has appeared on this page for more than 20 years. Send e-mail to