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March 6, 2013

READERS' FORUM: March 6, 2013

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Buying less gas

only alternative

In answer to Mr. Fussman’s letter published Feb. 17, you are so right about the oil companies. Have you noticed that every time the price of oil goes down, the price at the pumps will go up?

Our son lives in Green, Ohio, and the price of gas is always approximately 25 to 40 cents cheaper than we are here in the city, “a level above.” I was in the gas station business all of my adult life and I am almost 80 years old, so you can see that has been a lot of years. This did not happen until the EPA rules put all of us dealers out of business. That is when the convenience stores took over. At that time we had competition. Back then the oil companies did not do that to the people.

I am not so sure this is all the fault of the oil companies. Every time gas prices go up sales tax increases too. If anyone thinks the government will help they are very wrong because they would be hurting themselves. There is a cure for this.

The only way to change this is for everyone to buy at least 10 gallons less per car every month. When you hit them in the billfold, I guarantee they will notice. Back in the ’50s through the ’80s if your sales dropped the oil company wanted to know why. If sales did not improve, they wouldn’t renew your lease the next years. Back then we were forced to give TV and green stamps at our expense to improve sales.

All we can do is conserve as much as possible.

— Charles Edwards

Terre Haute

Which side not

doing its job?

This fact cannot be stressed enough; the fiscal policy of the nation is not a game. It is not accurate to portray it as such, particularly for the purpose of maligning one party.

Recently, a letter was printed in the Tribune-Star which attempted to portray the GOP in the House as a band of juvenile reprobates intent on all manner of destructive antics with regards to the fiscal health of the nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As of the writing of this letter, the United States Senate has not passed a budget, an act they are required to do yearly by law, in over 1,400 days. President Obama has failed to meet the deadline imposed by law upon him to submit a yearly budget proposal in a timely manner for four of the five years he has been in office. Every year since taking control of the House, the GOP has passed a budget, only to watch it fail to be taken up in the Senate by Democrats.

I wonder who the juveniles are, those who follow the law dutifully or those who flaunt it for over 1,400 days.

— Thomas W. Bogigian

West Terre Haute