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February 5, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Feb. 5, 2013


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So, firearms no, but abortion yes?

Let me get this straight. The battle cry of the gun-grabbers, who want to ban all firearms, is “Save our Children.” This group of brain-washed Godless liberals shout that to save our kids, we must confiscate and ban about 99 percent of all firearms, yet this same group condones and advocates abortion.

Abortion, murder, deliberate expulsion, taking the life of fetus‚ an “un-child),” nd that includes late term abortions.

Our counterfeit president is so pro-abortion that he believes the American taxpayers should pay for these murders and cares not if many of these taxpayers and Christians and their religion forbids abortion (murder).

I have the statistics on how many abortions (murders of un-born children) have taken place since Roe v. Wade‚ 40 years ago. I’ve read over and over that 55,863,616 million innocent babies have been terminated (murdered).  Worldwide today, it’s over 95,500. Roe v. Wade: Under the law, abortion is a medical, not an ethical, issue.

Abortion is murder.

Concerning preimplantation genetic diagnosis, “knowing” (allows parents to know in advance the sex of the unborn), but also selection of the sex of their barely conceived offspring: So, what I’m saying here is that we know that the barely conceived offspring is an unborn baby (a real person). Now that we have admitted that we know the sex (sex of what? Something alive) don’t we have to admit then that to commit abortion is murder.

I could continue, but I’ve made my point and I know the Trib likes short opinions. God bless and God help this country.

— William. P. Thiel

Terre Haute

Confusing plan for Wayne statue

Some are confused by the Fort Wayne mayor’s apparently sincere desire to find a better place for his city’s famous statue of controversial Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne, sword in hand in full battle gear on horseback.

Mayor Tom Henry, as socially sensitive and anti-gun a mayor as you will find in Indiana, surely knows Gen. Wayne’s history. Indeed, if the mayor had been in office in 1794, his administration might have viewed Wayne’s armed assault at Fallen Timbers reprehensible if not prosecutable.

And some in City Hall might find laughable Wayne’s defense that the native Americans there were in fact terrorists, in secret alliance with a foreign power, the British, and intent on killing every white man, woman or child they came across.

Others certainly would be horrified to learn that Mr. Wayne actually believed that the Native American culture, aside from specious claims it treated torture as recreation, had repeatedly rejected any concept of individual liberty or rule of law that would have made peaceful co-existence possible.

These rationales, even the youngest mayoral staffer knows, must be deconstructed by root cause and dismissed. Historical and moral relativity must be applied.

Moreover, Wayne’s own words would convict him in the mayor’s eyes. “Charge the damned rascals with the bayonet,” are the only recorded orders the general gave during the decisive battle.

Damned rascals? Let’s just say that’s not going to be on the plaque at the foot of Wayne’s statute, wherever it ends up.

And bayonets? Well, at least it wasn’t a concealed weapon, a concern of Mayor Henry and others in the group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Indeed, some of us would have thought that the mayor, instead of fighting for an honorable place for Wayne, would be melting the general into plowshares.

No, that couldn’t be right, the mayor might be a no-till environmentalist. Melting the general, then, into windmill blades or perhaps electric-car batteries.

Political correctness by definition would seem to demand such consistency, especially in the treatment of our statuary.

— Craig Ladwig, director

Indiana Policy

Review Foundation

Fort Wayne

Attack hearings revealed nothing

Yes, Hillary, it does matter: four dead Americans, embassy sacked, and she knew nothing of the warnings.

This regime makes Watergate look like a day at the park. After the (Benghazi) hearing we still know nothing. Then to hear the Democrats bestowing gratitude on such a fine four years. Wonder if the families of the dead feel the same?

— Thomas H. Woodbury

Terre Haute

Shingles vaccine very expensive

In response to the letter from Robert Chumley in last Sunday’s paper, I was told that a shingles vaccine costs over $200 if you don’t have insurance, which I don’t. (Who the heck can afford it?)

I also don’t have $200 for a vaccine. So if anyone else is in the same shape, ask how much this vaccine will cost before you get one.

— Gretchen VanPelt