News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 20, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 20, 2012

The Tribune-Star

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Airport showing recent progress

I would like to thank both the Tribune-Star and our local TV stations for your excellent support of Hulman Field. In the past five weeks, we have had four historic aircraft visit Terre Haute International Airport, and our hometown newspaper and our other local media were essential in making all those visits successful. I hope that everyone visiting our airport enjoyed seeing these beautiful aircraft.

With the new leadership team at Hulman Field and with Hoosier Aviation, the new aviation business, in full swing, your local airport has begun a series of activities to not only support increasing airside business, but also to engage the airport more as a community resource for the enjoyment of everyone in the Wabash Valley. Publicity of these events is key to their success.

Over the next year, we at the airport hope you will see increased air traffic, more business development, and more fun events for everyone at Hulman Field. The airport restaurant is now open daily for lunch, and recently we have seen many interesting aircraft, both military and civilian, visiting for fuel, food, and business.

We would like everyone to stop out and see the new look of the main building and share in the progress at the airport as we partner with our local media, our business and economic development community, and our mayor and county leadership to make the airport a more vital part of Valley life.

Thanks again for your support and hope to see you at the airport.

— Bill Foraker

Hulman Field Board Member, local pilot

Terre Haute

Positive activities at local center

I want to thank the Booker T. Washington Community Center for the Camp Rave Program held each year.

My grandson, Jaleel, just loves the program. He also takes part in the after-school program during the school  year. There are a lot wonderful programs going on for all ages. They have an exceptional group of staff that really cares about the kids’ learning and going on field trips to see things they may not otherwise ever see. Jaleel has a great time going for that.

I hope the recent problem won’t stop the weekend basketball tournaments, which are truly enjoyed by many. Mr. Tompkins has done a wonderful job getting those games set up. The community thanks you for your hard work.

Thanks to the Camp Rave staff for a great job, also.

— Ozella Sweatt

Terre Haute

Right time for Congress to leave

Congress is now on vacation. Thank God. Five weeks without John Boehner telling the American people what we want, as if he has clue.

Young people in the military are dying for this country and our bought-and-paid-for Congress and Supreme Court are doing their best to destroy it. Putting party before country is a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

If the politicians in Washington can’t find common ground, then maybe we should send some over-achieving sixth-graders to do it.

— Jim Nicley

Terre Haute

No criticisms, just explanations

In response to Mr. Hasan’s letter of Aug. 10, I would like to clarify that my letters are not anti-Muslim or anti-Islam letters. The intent of my letters are to explain to the readers of the Tribune-Star the history and theology of the “Religion of Peace,”,whose followers are making headlines across the world.

— Ramachandra B. Abhyankar

Terre Haute