News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 29, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Nov. 29, 2012


---- — Hostess brings closure to a local Ding Dong

Take it from me, as one garden variety Ding Dong to another. Hostess Ho-Ho’s may be gone from the market shelves but as long as there is an opinion page here in the Tribune-Star, there will remain a cadre of unbridled Twinkies writing in to express themselves and a corresponding field of simple-minded Cupcakes eager to offer rebuttal.

It comes as one of life’s great compromises, not a surprise actually but an irremediable slippage of sorts in the realityism of the space-time continuum, as a reminder of who we are perhaps and a humbling slap in the face, this realization that in the end all are equally soft in the middle and each may be found, once broken or probed, to be gooey on the inside and essentially sweet. This leaves us with a fundamental sense of fullness.

As one of the unfortunates having never known shame, I would close by asserting that when it comes to ding-a-ling letters, this one probably takes the proverbial cake, the tasty little individually wrapped twin-pack of cream-filled chocolatey, even devilish, size-challenged diet-busting cake with deep, dark double-fudge frosting and those intricately overlapping swirls of decadently delicious and visually delightful vanilla detailing some might describe as whited icing filigree.

This can be carefully pried loose and lifted off with the tine of a fork, you know, to be eaten and enjoyed separately. (Or so I’ve heard.) Oh, for one last nibble!

— Clay Wilkinson

Terre Haute


key to future

If I hear any more of the hysterical media hype about the dangers of going over the “fiscal cliff” I am going to scream. The president suggested it and Congress ordered it, the theory being it would do such irreparable damage, the politicians would rise above petty politics and fix all of the problems. What a joke. The group with a tax-and-spend agenda still do not want to cut any expenditures and are determined to continue adding to the trillion-dollar per year deficit.

John F. Kennedy said in so many words, quit holding your hand out and ask not what the country can do for me but what can you do for your country. Then he cut taxes and the economy took off. He took no salary. Limited trips around the world. What an icon to hold up to the latter-day officeholders. Now here comes the kicker: He was a Democrat.

I am beginning to believe the fiscal cliff may be overrated. Like all federal agencies, they all overspend. If enacted maybe then both political parties will make an attempt to live within our means. Besides, the new Congress can make changes as needed.

Of course, I believed in Kris Kringle and the Easter Bunny, but isn’t it a shame that good political responsibility is now in the unbelievable category .

— Sam Wallace

Casey, Ill.

Vigil received

great support

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and the community for attending the ninth annual Candlelight Vigil and Christmas Tree Lighting to remember victims of crime, missing persons and our military.

We would like to extend our thanks to Mayor Duke Bennett. We would also like to thank Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt, Chief of Police John Plasse, Pastor Dan Willis, state Sen. Tim Skinner, Bernice Helman, the Terre Haute North Vigo Junior ROTC Color Guard and Lt. Col Steve Jenkins, and Cindy McClain and Pam Bird representing Compassionate Friends of the Wabash Valley.

We could not have put on this program without all of these people willing to volunteer their time to remember our loved ones at this holiday season.

We would also like to thank retired Plt. Sgt. Matthew Krupa for lighting the military tree and the Owens family for lighting the victims tree.

Also thank you to all the media for the great coverage and great service you provide for our community.

We would like to extend our  best wishes for everyone in the community for a happy holiday season and  please remember all of our lost loved ones and our military personnel throughout the holiday season and the coming year.

— Merv and Doreena Javins

Terre Haute

We’ll see where

election takes us

Someone wrote to the Tribune-Star saying the election was over, so get over it. Sorry, we can’t get over it becouse we have to put up with it for the next four years.

I guess we will just have to see where it takes us.

— Barbara Stoffer

Terre Haute