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November 12, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Nov. 12, 2012


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Heartfelt tribute to a warm lady

It was with a sad heart that I read of the passing of “Toady” Loyd. I admired her so much. Her ability to make friends of complete strangers was amazing. She ran a business with such dignity and grace that anyone who opens a restaurant should strive to follow her example.

Toady taught me many things over the years I knew her, but the thing I will always remember about her was how warm and wonderful she was. Having had lunch at the Briarpatch more times than I can count made me aware of what a warm, welcoming place my own home should be.

One particular lunch stands out in my mind. The Lone Ranger was in town doing a promotion for a car dealer and as I ate lunch he came in.

He was my hero as a child. This was during the period when Clayton Moore was being replaced by someone unknown and there was a big deal over his mask. As my friends and I were leaving, I stopped at Mr. Moore’s table and thanked him for the many Saturdays I spent watching his movies. Toady had welcomed him with the same warmth she did her everyday visitors.

I never got to know her family but I am sure she had to be close to the perfect mother. I remember watching her and her husband as they worked side by side and thinking “please God, let me find someone like him.”

Toady used to tell me if I re-married I could have the event in her herb garden. That became a standard joke between us. I did find someone, but it was years after the Briarpatch closed.

I used to see Toady at the herb fair and was always so amazed that she remembered so many people and always got their names right. Now, when I drive down south Fruitridge, there will always be a small stab of regret that she is gone. I am sure she is planting a new garden in heaven for God’s enjoyment.

As a final “thank you” to her, I will always try to make guests in my home feel as she made me feel: welcomed, cherished, and special.

— Shirley A. Thomas


Remember vets every day of year

Every day, and not just the day on which we honor veterans, we should all be thankful for the hardships and sacrifices they have made for us. Many have given their lives so that others may live. There is no greater sacrifice that those who give their life for others.

To the men and women who have served, we are deeply indebted to them. Remember the families of those we lost as well as the wounded. In this great country, we have always fought for freedom and the right to enjoy our liberties, as well as the right to write this.

To all members of our armed services wherever dispersed, let us resolve to never, ever forget them. To do so would be to disrespect their honor and sacrifices. For some veterans, there is no Veterans Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day or Armistice Day. For them, every day is remembrance day because you never forget them, nor should we. So may it never be.

— Tim Long

USA, Infantry, 1967-1970