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September 13, 2013

Readers’ Forum: September 12, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Don’t leave your

fish waste behind

Today, like many recent days, I took my dog for a swim in the lake near Collett Park. He enjoys the swim and the retrieval of a thrown object. I have been excited about this park, as it is walking distance from my home and has been an enjoyable place for my dogs and me. (Yes, I bring a poop bag). I am careful to acknowledge the fishermen who are present and always choose a place away from them.

The fishermen and I seem to be able to co-exist. Today, as I took my dog for a swim, I noticed a very nasty fish carcass; well, my dog noticed it first — rotting fish … yum.

The fish had been filleted, head and spine left to rot on the shore. Of course, my dog thought that was a lovely thing to roll in. I picked its mush remains up and threw it in the garbage. I continued to play with my dog until coming upon another carcass. I thought to myself, how can people be so selfish to have no regard for their fellow citizens?

Maybe these people with total disregard are not my neighbors, but come for the stocked fish. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with them sucking the life out of a newly finished park.

Even if this was a fish only lake, that would not be proper etiquette. There are no fish-cleaning stations, nor should there be. Take it home and clean it there. I believe this lake is for the enjoyment of all. If I choose just to sit on the side of the lake, I should not have to pick up other’s waste, whether it be a diaper or fish guts.

This is not a lake out in the wilderness, and if you choose to clean your fish lakeside, have the courtesy to throw it in deep.

— Babette Stoelting

Terre Haute

Will diplomacy

save the day?

Could this administration have found a way out of their latest misstep regarding Syria? With Secretary of State Kerry’s jest that military action could be avoided by Syria turning over their chemical weapons a new path was opened.  

Like most good political solutions, everyone gets something they want, but nobody gets everything they want. No one would object to the removal of the chemical weapons, except perhaps the Syrian government. That government does avoid outside military intervention, though. The hawks don’t get regime change. The doves don’t get America embroiled in another Middle Eastern war. The U.N. and the Russians get to look like peacemakers. President Obama gets his foot removed from his mouth gracefully.

Time will tell if this idea will work. It is another lesson for President Obama that what might work in Chicago-style politics doesn’t play on the world stage. He has had a number of those but hasn’t learned from them yet. The Russians are masters of the art of “realpolitik.” It is something the United States has never done well, all too often basing foreign policy on ideology rather than practicality.

— Dwayne Owens

Terre Haute

Edie Gormé’s gift

Ronn Mott was the only media person I saw who mentioned the talent and enjoyment Edie Gormé gave to all of us.

She and husband Steve Lawrence were truly great interpreters of music when it was pleasurable. Thanks, Ronn.

— Millie Nordhagen