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August 28, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 28, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Questions about jobs situation

After reading Mr. Streahle’s recent letter about voting smarter, there are some other things to consider in the next election after hearing Gov. Pence say he’s going to continue Mitch Daniel’s policies.

Why do 71 percent of Indiana jobs pay below a livable wage? Is this the only employment our GOP leadership can bring to Indiana? Are they selling Indiana’s workforce as a cheap labor pool to entice companies to locate here?

If you are in this group of voters, are you tired of working for no living under the current GOP leadership? During the next election, remember what Mr. Streahle said about using your vote: 24 percent of Indiana jobs pay at the poverty line. Before you accept the “it’s better to have a job than no job” line of thought, do you want to live in the check-to-check existence the GOP leaders have given you?

Are our leaders lying about career possibilities in Indiana, because if you add those numbers up, does that mean that just 5 percent of jobs in Indiana pay a fair wage?

Another subject to consider would be how wages in Indiana have been falling since 2000, which has mostly been on the GOP’s watch. I could not find any comment’s from our leaders about why this is happening and there was nothing about who this has affected the most. Is it because our GOP leaders have only been capable of bringing low-paying jobs to Indiana? Is this the result of right-to-work?

One last thing to consider, if they can take money away from unions then what do you think they can take away from a worker with no protection? “Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used,” said novelist Hunter S. Thompson.

— Mike Travelstead

Terre Haute

A plumber who’ll do the job right

In sizing up the talking head industry, television journalist Diane Sawyer once quipped that she and her millionaire colleagues were superfluous, overpaid, and not nearly as essential as a good plumber. To that I can only add: Amen.

There are few things more disconcerting than coming home to a basement full of water on a Friday evening. Enter Jesse Becker of A-Affordable Plumbing. Jesse has been our plumber for the past 13 years and I would recommend him to anyone. In addition to being accessible at the most inopportune times (think weekends) he also has a pleasing knack for fixing problems the first time.

When you live in a community long enough you get a feel for whom to use and whom to avoid. Jesse’s integrity and honest approach constitute a real rarity in this age of mediocrity. The next time you require the services of a professional plumber do yourself a favor and phone A-Affordable Plumbing. I know I will.

— Reggie McConnell

Terre Haute