News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 5, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 5, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — ‘News’ should be factual, unbiased

I was quite amused as I read Judy Dukes’ letter of Oct. 2. I didn’t say “I agreed.” I said, “I was amused.”

I agree with Don Phillips’ previous letter 100 percent. I look forward to letters from Shirley Thomas, Clay Wilkinson and others, not because I agree with them but because I disagree with them.

They have a right to their opinions (as do conservatives). What conservatives have a problem with is the stance of the newspaper. Newspapers (such as The Terre Haute Tribune-Star) and the mainstream media are supposed to “report facts” and leave you and I to “form our own opinions.” I am glad that you are “proud to be a liberal.” You should believe what you say. I am equally “proud to be a conservative.” You and I should be able to read the “news” in the paper and listen to the “news” on “mainstream” TV (network TV) and form our own opinions. I have yet to hear an “unbiased” news story on mainstream TV.

I believe “your president” is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime (80 years). I say “your president” because he doesn’t represent conservative America in the least.

Who does he represent? He represents three groups: Liberal Democrats, illegal aliens (to bolster Democratic voter support) and Muslims (for the same reason).

— Joe DeLorme

Clay City

Selfish behavior from the GOP

The U.S. Congress is telling the American people: We do not care if we (citizens) are healthy or not. We do not care that the Affordable Care Act will help millions of families live healthy lives. We do not care if millions of men, women and children suffer with illness, sickness and disease that proper health care can help alleviate.

With the closing of the federal government these are the things our Congress is showing us through their childish and selfish behavior by not passing a budget bill. Members of Congress do not need Obamacare — they already have the very best health care money can buy and do not pay for it. We do, the taxpayers. Lawmakers have the health coverage their entire lives — whether they retire, quit or get kicked out.

While the Republicans display their immature behavior and greed, the important issues of the day get set aside or not dealt with at all.

There is one way to ensure federal government shutdowns do not occur again: Have a law enacted where health insurance coverage and salaries for lawmakers are rescinded if a government shutdown occurs.

— James A. Hartmann

Terre Haute