News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 7, 2014

Readers’ Forum: April 8, 2014


---- — Tracking the trail of thieves

Doug Martin’s book “Hoosier School Heist” is out, and Doug is traveling and speaking around the country explaining one form of theft that steals from the working class to enrich and empower billionaires.

Loans to cronies, backed by you, guarantee Big Banks do not lose money. (And few of us remember signing these “agreements.”) Doug explains other “games billionaires play” including joining with weird religious cults to program your little ones with propaganda.

This “centralizing” of education is dangerous as all centralization is dangerous. Common Core is an example of a dangerous corporation centralization to control the minds of future leaders and transfer your wealth. Now, under the guise of privatization, we have another. All voters should find out more before any 2014 elections.

Tea party groups, education groups, voters and candidates are welcome to invite Mr. Martin to meetings to explain the tricks planned to steal more of your wealth. (I believe all elections are about these tricks of stealing wealth and freedom. It’s about time we talked about them.) Contact Doug to attend your next meeting. Email Mr. Martin at:

— Ed Gluck, Terre Haute

Friendly service at local store

Recently I was shopping with my mother. It was a little hard for her to walk through the Steinmart store. Gina (staff at Steinmart) noted her difficulty and produced a wheelchair for our use. We continued through the store looking for a lightweight coat for my mom. I asked Marlene for her help and she immediately took the time to help us.

Although spring coats are few and far between these days, she produced not one, but two coats in the proper size. At checkout, Gina suggested that I pull the car to the entrance and she would assist my mom out. Talk about old-fashioned service (with lots of smiles).

Terre Haute, we are lucky to have this department store available to us. Thanks, Steinmart crew.

— Sandi Treaster, Terre Haute

New voice for judicial system

I would like to take a moment to recognize Lucky Reddy, a candidate, for Vigo County judge. Lucky Reddy has the experience and education that would bring to the judicial system new blood and fresh ideas. She is an individual driven to succeed in all aspects of one’s life. Lucky has built a distinguished career and has been successful at maintaining a healthy work-family balance and community engagement. She would bring this balance in her role as a judge.   

She is an inspiration to me as a female, as a mother and as a member of this community. I have heard her speak at a number of events and her poise, professionalism and compassion shone through. Lucky is a natural leader, and I believe she will be an effective leader and be more invested in interpersonal dynamics than any other candidate in this role. She possesses the ability to work together with a longer-term view and a focus on the future of Vigo County. She would work to create opportunities that beneficially inspire the lives of others and contribute to the community.

I look forward to casting my vote for Lucky Reddy on Election Day, a vote for one who will nurture and strengthen all families and build real democracies.

— Laura Harbrueger, Terre Haute

Movie strikes a proper balance

TV host Glenn Beck and other stalwarts of the Christian right have attacked the recent blockbuster “Noah” as being “pro-animal” and unfaithful to the Bible. Well, yes and no. The film is both pro-animal and faithful to the Bible, at least to the Book of Genesis, our only source for the story of Noah.

After all, Genesis 1:29 admonishes, “Behold, I have given you every herb-yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit — to you it shall be for food.” It is only after the flood, with fruits and vegetables no longer abundant, that humans get permission to eat animal flesh. Even then, the Bible stipulates that lives of only select animals may be taken and always with reverence and minimal cruelty. This is certainly a far cry from today’s factory farm and slaughterhouse practices.

Regardless of how we may feel about “Noah’s” interpretation of the Bible, each of us can recreate the recommended diet of the Garden of Eden in our home by dropping animal products from our menu.

— Theo Mattson, Terre Haute