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May 16, 2013

Readers' Forum: May 16, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Oh, wonderful, I thought … instead of some industrial complex converting my old elementary school, Warren, as I thought had been the announced buyer from a TribStar article, it’s to become a useful residential, from the latest TribStar article. And then, I thought about it.

The article said Warren school was older than the Deming. It had more space for larger residence rooms. The elderly, or whatever their status, now in the Deming would be moved by the Deming facility owners, free of charge? And what a nice boost to the economics of the 25th Street area. So then, in the last of the article, the Deming could reasonably be turned into an ISU dorm building and not closed after all.

Are you nuts? The Warren school district has nothing of convenience for anyone, let alone elderly or retired folk. There’s a car sales, a car repair garage, a couple of taverns and what? We no longer have the good ol’ Nassers groceries that were so conveniently scattered through our neighborhoods in the ’40s, with other family-owned small groceries here and there, too.

Oh yes, there is a bus line where, in the dead of winter, when all transportation is difficult or stopped, the elderly could have boarded a bus and travel the nine or 10 blocks to Kroger’s and the small shops in the strip mall there, or the restaurants across the street, or down Wabash, or some of the shopping places on east Wabash. Hardly convenient for elderly, no place they could just walk to as in downtown Terre Haute.

It’s more like — again — warehousing our elderly in favor of some college kids who, it’s likely, could sprint distances as they almost have to do just on campus.

So once again, the favor is with the college. The elderly can just be stashed somewhere out of the way of greater economic interests. It’s nuts.

— Margaret J. Jaeger

Terre Haute

We will all have

to answer to God

This is in response to Mr. Joe DeLorme’s May 13 opinion, “Proud to be old-fashioned”, and his statement that “Gays will answer to God eventually and those who approve of this lifestyle will also answer.”

 Yes, Mr. DeLorme, you also will still have to stand before God on judgment day. Not because I said so, but because God says so (your words). And for your information, I am not gay. I am a Christian who attends church regularly. I choose to support and love all of God’s children.

— Nancy Buck

Terre Haute


The Terre Haute Oberlandler Club would like to give special thanks to IBEW Local 725 Retirees for donation of their time to wire the recent Strassenfest. Mention of the group was inadvertently deleted from a thank-you letter submitted by festival chair David Walbring and published in Monday’s Tribune-Star.