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September 11, 2012

READERS' FORUM: Sept. 11, 2012



Denying parade entry was wrong

I was reading about the denial of a candidate for local office the right to march and participate in the Terre Haute Labor Day Parade. Let me first state I’m a lifelong Democrat and a retired union officer.

Although I have friends in both major parties and some who aren’t members of a union, I chose to be both because the major leaders of the Democratic Party and labor unions have been of great benefit to the middle class and workers, especially since the days of FDR.

With that being said, I was greatly ashamed and disappointed in the decision to deny a Candidate the right to participate in the parade.

We as union members should be supporting anyone’s rights whether we agree with them or not as long as they are not a party to or supporting an illegal organization.

Since I can’t see any reason for the denial, I can only assume the decision-makers were either ignorant or closet supporters of the denied candidate because without doubt he is getting vastly more coverage and recognition now than if he was allowed to walk a few blocks with his small group in the parade.

I will finish by stating that the Terre Haute Labor Day Parade we have today is the result of a meeting of a few individuals who were proud of labor’s history in the Terre Haute area and thought a parade would be a great way to express our thanks to the workers.

To drop a few names of that primary meeting it included officers of the local Building Trades Council. Dale Walden, Jimmie Strange, Bob Boyer, myself and a Local Democrat, the well-known Nick Peters. It has been several years ago and if I missed anyone, I’m sorry.

Let me close by saying that if the denied candidate ran in my area I would not vote for him, but I damn sure wouldn’t deny him any of the rights I want my friends to have.

— William E. Eyre


Back to photo ID issue, again

Printed on Friday, Aug. 31, in the Trib-Star was another “rant” from the Associated Press talking about “Court rejects new Texas voter photo identification law.”

What rags me about that article is that it states that “the law imposes strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor,” but once again, it does not state or describe nor define what the strict or unforgiving burdens are.

My question is, If these voter ID laws are such unforgiving burdens, why aren’t these burdens explained? Are these burdens embarrassing to the poor or are they just another Democratic sham to allow voter fraud?

If a list can be printed showing these unforgiving burdens to have true validity, it could put a stop to all this misunderstanding and court time.

I would suggest that you read or re-read my letter printed on July 31, 2012, “What’s up with those without IDs,” and James Camp’s letter, “Nothing improper with voter ID laws,” written this summer also.

Another letter in the Readers’ Forum dated Monday, Sept. 3, is headlined “GOP in Congress has only one goal,” and talks about Congress failing to accept its share for the difficulties facing our country. It also goes on to state that the Republicans in Congress have only one goal, to bring down Obama. This could be somewhat true, and if so they are to be commended, congratulated and supported.

The letter continues with the rant about alleged voter fraud and “restrictions that prevent hundreds of thousands of people from voting.” I challenge this statement. How did the author of this letter come up with this figure? If Rebecca can back up this claim with facts, she should be leading the charge for total voter reform. Grabbing statistics out of thin air is easy. Try proving them.

— William P. Thiel

Terre Haute

Thanks for quick help after wreck

I would like to thank Scott Hollingsworth at Vigo Dodge for so graciously coming to our rescue after we were involved in an accident that damaged our car beyond driving on Sept. 1.

We called 911 and after talking to the fire department and waiting for police, my husband called Scott. He was there right away with a car for us to drive over the long weekend.

Thank you again, Scott and Vigo Dodge.

— Rosemary Oxendine

Terre Haute