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October 29, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Oct.. 29, 2013


---- — Bucshon fighting to save country

This past two weeks, the editors of the Tribune-Star have again chosen a partisan assessment of the fiscal debate in Washington. You have praised the Democrat, Sen. Joe Donnelly, for his efforts to forge a compromise and chastised a Republican, Rep. Larry Bucshon, for his vote not to compromise. You even went so far as to call for the people to vote against him in 2014. Just examine the facts and you will see why this is so unfair.

First of all, the compromise has been touted by the press as a great loss for the Republicans, but it was really a great loss for the people of the United States. The unsustainable spending and the job-killing Obama health care continues. The fact that Sen. Donnelly was part of the continuation of this fiasco puts his judgment in question. The fact that Rep. Bucshon wanted to try to rein in some of this outrageous spending and get some control of the health care that is being forced upon us is more than enough reason to vote for him next year.

I would like to try to illustrate the amount and seriousness of the national debt which is now over $17 trillion. That’s not much, if you say it really fast, but if you took 75 10-year-olds and started them counting $100 bills at the rate of 100 per minute ($10,000) and they worked 12 hours every day, without a day off, they would reach $17 trillion on their 100th birthday.

When Obama came into office they would have been able to count the national debt by the time they reached 60. Our debt is growing at an unsustainable rate. The warning signs are out there but our press, elected officials, other media and many voters continue to ignore them.

China is talking about our devalued currency and wants to look at another international currency as the benchmark of the world. Interest rates are being kept low to try to foster the failing economic policies of this administration. We are printing money to finance our government and all of the entitlement programs. We are spending close to $2 trillion a year more than our income. We cannot afford what we are doing.

What is there about these facts that your editorial board does not understand? These figures do not include the cost of Obama’s health care, which will add another $1 trillion in a year or so.

We feared that there would be a huge economic catastrophe if we let the government default on Oct. 17. As I read and look at predictions of what may happen in the future if we don’t change our spending habits, I think that the default scenario depicted for Oct. 17 would have been a pimple on a politicians’ rear ends compared to what is to come.

People like Rep. Larry Bucshon, tea party supporters and other conservatives recognize this. They are fighting to save our country and the continuation of the great opportunities that we experienced. Is it too much to ask for our children and grandchildren?

— Don Phillips

West Terre Haute

Pleased to receive Foundation grant

Speaking on the behalf of the Vigo County CASA Kids board, I would like to express a very heartfelt thank you to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation.

We want to say thank you to Beth Tevlin and her staff and the board of directors at the Community Foundation. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to say that we are a grant recipient of the Community Foundation. We recently received a grant for our volunteer expansion project. With the grant funds, we will recruit and train new volunteers to advocate for children in Vigo County that have been abused and neglected. Part of the recruitment focus will be on recruiting volunteers from diverse backgrounds as well as on recruiting male volunteers because we are in need of more males to serve as advocates.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. Along with this current grant, we have also received funds from the Terre Haute Day Nursery Grant, which is also part of the Community Foundation. Through the Terre Haute Day Nursery, we have provided short-term funding for child care for families that are trying to improve their quality of life.  

Vigo County CASA Kids and those we serve, as well as many other organizations in the community, have greatly benefited from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. It is an organization that helps bring positive changes to the Wabash Valley. It is an agency that would be well worth your investment. Please consider partnering with them in improving our community by making a financial donation or volunteering your time at the Community Foundation.

Please contact me at 812-231-5658 if you are interested in volunteering with the CASA program or to find out more about our program please go to www.vigo

— Nikki Fuhrmeister

Director Vigo County CASA