News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 28, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Sept. 28, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Criticizing GOP ‘pure hogwash’

As usual the editorial staff has taken a liberal position on the efforts of the Republicans to reign in the out-of-control give-away programs of the Democrats. Under the Obama administration the food stamp program has almost doubled and the economy is to blame, according to your editorial.

Now the mean, cold-hearted Republicans are trying to take away food from these poor people. This is pure hogwash and your editorial staff should know it; if not, read something besides what you print.

The Republicans are simply trying to take a program that is out of control and bring it back to be the program it was supposed to be. A program to assist the truly needy. This country is going, if not already, broke and we have to get control of the spending and entitlement programs. When will the liberal press begin to realize that this is true and begin to support efforts to control spending?

Your editorial spoke of the poor economy as being the cause of the food stamp increase, which is probably true to a certain extent. However, you failed to note that the Obama administration was running advertisements telling people to sign up for the program.

Also, this administration has had five years to do something about this economy and it hasn’t succeeded. The unemployment rate has dropped below 8 percent, based on those looking for work. If you count those who have dropped out and quit looking for work, you will get around a 14 percent unemployment rate.

Even the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank admits that the economy is so weak that they must continue to prop it up by buying government bonds. This is giving us a false sense of security and it will come to be a problem down the road. We are seriously devaluing the dollar and we could see inflation that would approach what we saw in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

This economy will not improve until the liberal press and the liberal administration realize that government spending does not grow an economy. The economy grows when private investors begin to invest their money in businesses that hire people and produce a product or service. This private sector will not invest at the rate that is needed when the Obama administration keeps putting road blocks in their way with programs like Obamacare; ridiculous EPA regulations; energy constraints such as the failure to approve the Keystone Pipeline project and coal-fired power plant regulations; new taxes and uncertain foreign policy.

I know that it is hard for the liberal press and many who voted for this administration to accept, but it is true. This five years under Obama has been a dismal failure and it is not getting any better.

It is time for your paper to take a new look at things and begin to understand that we are in trouble. We need a new direction out of Washington, D.C., and out of the liberal press.

— Don Phillips

West Terre Haute

Many thanks to all who helped

On Sunday before Labor Day, my son was in a motorcycle accident. I arrived at the scene not long after, as I had received a call.

Upon arrival, I was met by a Terre Haute police officer who informed me it was bad and he had a severe head injury. Within literally a few minutes, a helicopter was overhead.

The purpose of this letter is to thank first the officer who was professional, courteous, informative and understanding; and the first responders from THFD No. 7 for the care and quick decision to not only call Lifeline but to have them land at the scene to save valuable time.

Looking back, it seems unbelievable how quick they had him off the ground and headed to the Trauma Team at Methodist Hospital. The hospital and their entire staff have our entire family’s eternal gratification.

And thanks to all our family, friends and complete strangers whose prayers and support will never be forgotten.

We are grateful parents.

— Brad and Cathy Nutter

Terre Haute