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March 13, 2013

READERS' FORUM: March 13, 2013

The Tribune-Star

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What does gun control mean?

Let’s look at what gun control or confiscation will mean to America. Gun control or confiscation means all police, sheriffs, detectives, prison and security personnel and military personnel when they are no longer in that position, either because they left that position or retired, must give up all their firearms allowing them none at their home or firearms on their person.

Gun control means that Hollywood will no longer be allowed to make any type of movies that use firearms in them.

Gun control or confiscation means that hunting will no longer be allowed or necessary in our society since hunters will no longer be allowed to have firearms. Gun control means that the practice of handling a firearm, gun safety classes, target practice or guns for home or personal security will no longer be necessary or allowed in this country.

Gun control or confiscation means more than giving up firearms or pretending society will be a much safer place; it means the loss of citizenship rights and liberties guaranteed to all Americans in the Bill of Rights. Gun control or confiscation means less safety for people, a less safe society and a less safe country.

Gun control or confiscation by any organization including the United Nations, by any foreign government or by our own government, should be defined as an act of tyranny against the United States, against the U.S. Constitution, against the Bill of Rights and against the American people.

— Charles Bean

Terre Haute

Embrace joy, not the blues

Just like a boomerang, if you throw it right it will come back. You have heard the old saying, “What goes around comes around.”

From my past experience and the present I have found giving flowers, a helping hand, respecting others (the elderly and those in authority over me), and even saying thank you has brought me much gratification.

One specific organization comes to mind. Energy Assistance and the Weatherization Program has been a tremendous help to me this past winter. Losing one job and searching for a new one took lots of energy and footwork. But the help was out there and I went in search of it.

So think about telling someone how thankful you are, when you faced a crisis in your life, that person was there.

And next time you are sitting doing nothing and crying the blues because you think no one cares, just remember, “What goes around comes around,” just like you sent it out.

But cheer up, there is hope. Change your course of action and “count it all joy.” I did.

— Carlene Nemeth

Terre Haute